BlackBerry and Kik Interactive come to terms, settlement ends all legal action


For those not familiar with Kik, it's a cross-platform instant messenger application that resembles BlackBerry Messenger in that it features Sent and Read confirmations. Back in December of 2010, then RIM now BlackBerry, filed a statement of claim against Kik Interactive which stated the company had infringed upon three patents held by BlackBerry and that Kik founder, Ted Livingston, used knowledge he gained during his time as a employee of BlackBerry to create Kik in violation of confidentiality and code of ethics agreements.

Best apps for Cross-Platform Messaging from a BlackBerry smartphone


Cross Messaging Apps

One of the most popular features that has many flocking to, and staying with, the BlackBerry platform is BlackBerry Messenger. One of the best parts of BBM is having real-time confirmation when your BlackBerry to BlackBerry instant messages are successfully delivered and read. BBM is all about reliability in communication and the power of knowledge. Once that ‘R’ pops up, in your mind you know that you should expect a prompt reply...hopefully. It’s not just a single letter from the alphabet that has me hooked – it’s how many options BBM gives me. Ever since BlackBerry messenger first came out, it made a strong case of being forever superior to text messaging. I can add contacts to my network, use the personalization options I have to let my network know who I am and what I’m thinking or even make use of BBM connected applications to be more social while playing games or checking in at a venue. A standard SMS is 160 characters, which seems like a lot compared to a 140 character tweet, but it seems inefficient compared to the 2000 character limit of a BBM.

Instant messaging, in general leaves SMS in the dust, as it allows you to actually have a conversation, rather than broken thoughts and sentences that are easy to get confused -if there’s a 2 part SMS, you might get the second part first. Of course not everyone uses a BlackBerry, and those who may not know better may resort to using SMS to keep in contact with friends and family that use other platforms. Luckily, there is quite a selection of cross-platform messaging applications out there that keep you in the loop, regardless if someone is using an iPhone or a smartphone powered by Android or Windows Phone 7. Keep reading to see which one may be best for you.

CrackBerry Podcast 060: Verbal BlackBerry Bold 9780 review, BB6 debate, rumors & more!


CrackBerry Podcast

Finally!! It's been just over six weeks since our last podcast (my bad - I blame CB Redesign as soaking up all my time), which means we cover a lot of good stuff in this show. While my written BlackBerry Bold 9780 review will be hitting the blogs soon (Monday Tuesday, don't miss it!), in the mean time you can listen to our verbal review.

Official statement from Research In Motion regarding the removal of Kik


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Well, that didn't take long. We just received an official statement from Research In Motion regarding the removal of Kik messenger from BlackBerry App World. While the statement makes no mention of the revocation of Kiks signing keys or anything like that, it does clarify the situation a little further, which is what we were hoping for. Below is the statement from RIM regarding the Kik application: