BlackBerry goes in depth with the Passport's touch-enabled keyboard in new video



The launch of the BlackBerry Passport today also brings BlackBerry fans an all new physical QWERTY keyboard, which the company is hyping today as "touch-enabled". What does that mean, exactly? BlackBerry has that covered with a new video and blog post just about the Passport's keyboard.

BlackBerry 10 gets one more demo at CES [video]


As we inch closer and closer to the BlackBerry 10 launch event this month, we're all getting anxious to just have the devices already. While RIM isn't full force with a booth at CES this year, there are plenty of heads on the ground spreading the word of BlackBerry 10. There are still plenty of features of the OS that we haven't yet seen and RIM is doing a good job of keeping some secrets under wraps until launch day. Jeff Gadway, Senior Manager of BlackBerry Product Marketing, took some time yesterday to show off the OS on video once again.

BlackBerry 10 keyboard will feature 'space inference' to detect missed spacebar hits


As we move toward January 30th, there are still plenty of hidden gems in the BlackBerry 10 OS that we have yet to see. RIM is doing a great job at keeping many of the features a secret and dropping only what they want us to see leading up to the launch. One of those features is part of the awesome BB10 predictive keyboard called space inference. Vivek Bhardwaj took some time with Inside BlackBerry to show a quick demo of the feature.

Which BlackBerry 10 device will you choose: all touchscreen or physical keyboard?

BlackBerry 10 will have an awesome virtual keyboard!

RIM scores patent for BlackBerry 10 keyboard

BlackBerry 10 keyboard patent

How to change the keyboard speed on your BlackBerry smartphone


BlackBerry Keyboard Options

If you've ever struggled with the BlackBerry keyboard either being too slow or too fast, there is a simple solution. Thankfully buried in the settings is the Key Rate option that allows you to raise or lower the speed of the keyboard. Depending on your device and/or OS, you may find that you often make typos when typing too fast and want to slow things down, or you're just a typing wizard and need the keboard to keep up with your magical fingers. Whatever your case may be, you can easily change the key rate on your BlackBerry. Keep reading to find out how.

A quick demo of the new BlackBerry 10 keyboard


BlackBerry Mini Keyboard Review


The BlackBerry Mini Keyboard for the BlackBerry PlayBook is one of those accessories that everyone wanted at launch. I remember my excitement over the BlackBerry PlayBook Convertible Case; had there been a keyboard tucked into that package - I can only imagine how pumped I would have been. At the core, the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard is a Convertible Case just tweaked in various areas with a stand and bluetooth keyboard/trackpad combo. The keyboard itself looks great as the black/white/blue color scheme fits in with the rest of the case. As first glance you can see the keys will be a bit rough for those of us with bigger hands due to their small size. With its good looks and portability, I found the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard has me using my PlayBook more than ever. Read on for my full review.

Pro footballer Richard Lee writes autobiography on a BlackBerry Bold

Richard Lee autobiography
We all have our own reasons for sticking with BlackBerry, and one that we hear time and again is the indispensable keyboard. A lot of converts to other platforms brush it aside, saying keyboards are overrated and out-of-style, but then a story like this pops up and reconfirms just how much we rely on those smooth QWERTY keys.

Richard Lee is a professional English footballer currently playing for Brentford as goalkeeper. There came a point in his career where he considered quitting altogether, but instead he chose to fight for his place on the team and ended up writing a book about the challenges he faced. What's unique about Richard's book, is that all 50,000 words were written on his BlackBerry Bold. In a recent interview, Richard revealed that he actually started out writing a blog for his website, but before long was 10,000 words in and had a lot more to say. You can read an excerpt from the interview after the break, where Richard goes into further detail about why he wrote the book on his BlackBerry, and why he chose that over a different type of phone. (Spoiler: It's the keyboard!)

This isn't the first time a book has been written on a BlackBerry. CrackBerry member Jessica Meigs wrote a novel on her BlackBerry as well, and even paid tribute to Kevin in the story, naming a virus after him. You can find out more about Jessica and her zombie horror series The Becoming on her blog,