Just10Minutes Review and Giveaway – 100 Copies to Be Won!


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Pssst! Hey, can you keep a secret? Don’t tell Kevin, but I kind of didn’t start this review quite when I was supposed to. Okay, well actually, I left it until the last minute. I know I know, I shouldn’t have, but you know how things come up. Okay, well actually, nothing came up, but I did think about doing it earlier. Yeah, I had it planned out and everything. Okay, well actually…

At some point (or points) in our lives, there’s a few things that need to be done, that we dawdle at. We scramble around at the last second trying to complete the task, or we come up with some sort of excuse. Whether it be the imaginary dog eating homework, the over-exaggerated traffic jam or the timely computer crash. It’s time to stop wasting time and start making time. Stop procrastinating and start producing. Just10Minutes is designed to ensure your projects are completed, by setting work and break intervals until the task is done. We all know you’re checking out the CrackBerry blogs when you are supposed to be working anyway (caught you!), so why not check out Just10Minutes? Oh and Kevin? I was just kidding about dragging my feet, honest!