Top 10 BlackBerry Smartphone and BlackBerry PlayBook fitness applications


Top 10 fitness apps

As we near the end of January 2012, I wonder how many people have kept up with their (or even started) News Years Resolutions. In my opinion, one of the hardest ones to stick with is weight loss/management. Why? It’s one that not only forces you to change your bad habits, but also your schedule. Like many of you out there, I made it a resolution to get into shape. More specifically, I want to finish my journey and never go back. Ever since a move we made in the Fall of 2010, I couldn’t get back into the groove.

It’s not enough to chuck the cheeseburger and pick up a celery stick, you need to hit the gym, the park or the pavement; not the couch. For some, it’s hard to stop eating the mashed potatoes and stop being a couch potato. The first thing you should do is stretch your thumbs, because you’re going to get a workout from looking at the BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry PlayBook applications that App World has to offer. There’s definitely no shortage of fitness apps to be had. The key is to find the ones that offer the best workout and will have the most impact. That way you should have no excuses when it comes to shedding the pounds. While you’re warming up your thumbs, have a read through the Top 10 Fitness apps, all of which can be found at BlackBerry App World.