JoeMobi allows WordPress blog owners to create a customized BlackBerry app


Running your own blog can be fun, maintaining your own blog -- not so much. These days, if you're running an active blog chances are a lot of your readers a using a mobile device which means dealing with mobile versions of a website. That can often times sound easier then reality.

But what if you could create your own app and give it to people which allowed them to read, and leave comments on your blog -- one that was personalized and custom created by you? Sounds awesome right? A personalized touch and something special you can offer your users. That's exactly what JoeMobi is offering you. With JoeMobi you can create your own customized BlackBerry app centered around your WordPress blog and build it the way you want, complete with your own custom icons and banners inside the app.

I've been using JoeMobi since their beta testing started and now, they've announced a wider availability for users. Currently available for BlackBerry and WordPress, JoeMobi will eventually be moving into the Android space as well and with that will come support for other CMS' such as Drupal. If you run a Wordpress blog, and are looking to offer your BlackBerry readers something special, give JoeMobi a look. You'll find their full press release after the break or you can head over to JoeMobi right now for more details.