CrackBerry Holiday Gift Guide 2012 - Gifts for the BlackBerry student


CrackBerry Holiday Gift Guide

Oh it’s that time of year again. The time when we all start opening our wallets and pocket books. But it is also a time when we all start scratching our heads thinking about what to get the special people in our lives. In yet another addition to the CrackBerry 2012 Holiday gift guides, we take a look at what gifts to get the student on our lists. Let me come out and say it, being a student myself, students are hard to shop for. Often the student on your list has been living away from home so you’ve got no idea what to get them, well fret not CrackBerry Nation, continue reading to get the most in-depth list available for those BlackBerry wielding students in your life.

Review: Jawbone Jambox - a wireless speaker for all your audio needs


It's Health & Fitness Month at Mobile Nations!

"The Jambox is an all-in-one Bluetooth speaker, speakerphone and entertainment enhancer."

In Short:
"You can pair pretty much any Bluetooth device and get out of this world audio."

Should I Buy?
"It's a "want" item at a price tag of $199 but I don't think you'd regret the purchase."
Jawbone Jambox

Ok, as a female, talking about weight, regardless of your size, is ALWAYS a touchy subject. With it being Health & Fitness Month across the Mobile Nations family of websites, I decided it was time for me to get back into my routine of diet and exercise to hopefully lose those dreaded extra pounds. I'm a music lover and have to have it playing regardless if I'm doing my P90X workout at home, driving, cooking or whatever. My problem is I absolutely despise headphones. They never fit comfortably in or on my ears and I've tried different speakers for my MP3 player and BlackBerry devices. All of them either have some kind of background static or just don't sound "right" to me. A friend of mine introduced me to the Jawbone Jambox extolling it's virtues and different uses so I decided to give it a try. Keep reading after the break for the full review!

Jawbone Battery Meter for BlackBerry now available

Jawbone Battery Meter BlackBerry

*Update: Sadly looks like this may only be for the Jawbone ICON but hopefully will be out for other models somewhere down the road *

Review: Jawbone ICON Bluetooth Headset


Jawbone ICON

Jawbone Bluetooth headsets have always been known for their NoiseAssassin feature and great device quality. But they now took it a step further. A few weeks ago they released an update for the Jawbone ICON gives it the ability to stream music and other audio files. It now has A2DP which lets users get any audio regardless of the type, such as from navigation apps or Internet radio stations thru the headset. Users can update the firmware from Aliph Jawbones Mytalk page for free. Jawbone users can also change the voice that conveys important info(Caller ID, battery life).

Aliph's Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

Aliph's Jawbone