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Bluetooth headset head to head: Jabra Stone vs. Motorola Endeavor


CrackBerry idol - AliciaBluetooth Headset Shootout - Jabra Stone vs. Motorola Endeavor

As someone who works in New York City, there are two things I've learned: (1) never publicly admit you're a Mets fan and (2) Manhattan is the noisiest city there is. Between the subways, buses, cars, taxis, and of course, the people, you need earplugs just to walk down the street. So imagine trying to have a phone conversation while walking anywhere in midtown. It's definitely not a pretty sight. At times I'm like the Verizon guy asking "Can you hear me now?" So what is a city girl to do? To solve that problem I'm going to put two headsets head to head in a battle to see which one can survive "the Manhattan Zone." I'm going to venture out to different parts of the city to see which one will come out on top and be declared the heavyweight champion. Who do you think will win? Click on the jump to find out.