Keep your eyes on the road with the Jabra DRIVE Bluetooth speakerphone


"Drive safe and stay connected with the Jabra DRIVE Bluetooth speakerphone"

In Short:
"Connecting your BlackBerry couldn't be easier. Stay safe with the Jabra DRIVE Bluetooth speakerphone"

Should I Buy?
"With great battery life, a low profile design and a simple interface, this Bluetooth speakerphone is a must have"
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I’m guilty of it sometimes, and I’m sure I am not the only one. What I’m talking about is driving and using your cellphone -- something that we all know is quite dangerous but many continue to do. Now for me it was because I didn’t have a Bluetooth device to use -- and I know that’s truly just an excuse -- but now I have no excuses. Recently I was able to try out the Jabra DRIVE, an inexpensive yet effective in car Bluetooth device. Continue reading to see if the Jabra DRIVE is worth your cash.