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Tether Targets Enterprise With Internet on the Go

Tether Targets Enterprise With New Internet On The Go Product

Tether has just put out a fresh press release from WES 2010 announcing their new enterprise offerings. Previously only focusing on the consumer market, Tether is hoping that enterprise customers will adopt the new internet on the go solution. With the newmarket opputunities in the B2B sector and knowing that companies are always looking to adopt cost effective technoligies, Tether should fair quite well here. You can read the full press release after the break.

Press Release

Tether Targets the Enterprise With Internet on the Go

The new Business-to-Business offering will include enhanced features, such as data security, customization and data controls. -- Tether announced today that it will unveil its business-to-business proposition at the WES 2010 Conference in Orlando, Fla., April 27-29.

Building on the tremendous success of its consumer-focused business, Tether has developed a model that will allow corporate customers to increase productivity and lower costs. Tether was launched in March 2009 as a means of allowing people fast, affordable Internet access almost anywhere by letting them work on their laptop via their BlackBerry(R) data plan with no additional hardware. By selling its application to consumers though its website,, the company has attracted more than 100,000 users around the world.