Show us your Instaphoto and LensBoost photos!



InstaPhoto and LensBoost are two badass BlackBerry apps. If you're a wanna be photog like me, you'll find yourself constantly using your "artsy eye" to try and grab the best photo you can, then filter it with one of these apps to create a masterpiece. I'm a big fan of taking photos of whatever I can find (yes, even food) and I love trying to impress myself with the end result.

Instagram for BlackBerry - Want to download it now?!


Instagram for BlackBerry

Michelle's most-used BlackBerry apps of 2011

Michelle's most-used BlackBerry apps of 2011
One of the bad things about being a procrastinator and putting off doing this post: some of my most used apps have already been covered. I'm going to need you guys to all pretend you didn't already read Adam, Bla1ze, Ryan, or Joseph's lists and it will all seem new. Lots of people complain that BlackBerry just doesn't have any apps, and while we are missing some that would be nice to have, I think there are plenty out there to make use of.

In no particular order, my most used BlackBerry apps are:

FilterLab vs InstaPhoto vs Photo Studio - a shutterbug showdown


Head to Head to Head

When checking out images on my computer, I would end up trying out various filters in order to see which one would make the image stand out. I’m always about options, so that’s why I first put together a multi-app review to see which one worked for me.

I’m becoming a fan of the head to head application reviews (in this case, head to head to head). It’s what everyone tries to figure out and what everyone asks; which one is better. Obviously, it’s all about personal preference. When I first put together this type of review for image editing applications, it was difficult to decide which ones should be pitted against each other. As time marches on, more and more developers release applications that offer generally the same thing. The trick is to know how each one fits into your needs. For me, the idea this time, was to focus on apps that offered image filtering options and the decision was to check out FilterLab, InstaPhoto and the new Photo Studio beta. Who would submit to the stronger Sepia? Who could eviscerate with their Vintage? Who would leave the others black and blue with their Black and White? Take a look at the comparison.

InstaPhoto for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available


InstaPhoto for BlackBerry PlayBook

InstaPhoto for the BlackBerry PlayBook is a sweet app that allows you to choose from a library of 25 preset effects you can apply to your photos for all kinds of camera happy fun. Along with standard effects, InstaPhoto also has plenty of special filters including periscope and retro poster. The app is super easy to use so you'll have no problems getting up and running, and anything you create you can share with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and more. Features include:

  • Camera integration runs directly within app, allowing you to take a photo and start instantly!
  • Images save to a custom gallery folder, and are featured when you load the app, or you can opt to view the latest uploads on Twitter from your friends!
  • Large preview images allow you to see an effect clearly before making a selection.
  • Simple controls with stunning pre-set effects, it's easy for anyone to use with just a tap of the finger
  • Quick rending, no long loading times for an effect.
  • Unique effects creating interesting themes for your photos; periscope, mugshots, HUDs and many more!

InstaPhoto is available now for $2.99 in BlackBerry App World. Grab it from the link below. Keep reading for more screens and full list of photo effects.

More information/download of InstaPhoto