Incipio Inscribe

Incipio Inscribe Stylus Review


"A great stylus offering advanced control for an entry level price"

In Short:
"While coming in at a low price point, the Incipio Inscribe is a great value with great control."

Should I Buy?
"If you are unsure how well a stylus will flow in your daily routine, this is a great starting point that allows you to test it out without sacrificing quality."

Incipio Inscribe Review

Don't break the bank to replace your finger, let the Incipio Inscribe help navigate, note take and draw images for you now.

From drawing games to taking notes, your finger is not always the best way to utilize the touch screen of your BlackBerry PlayBook. Stylus pens have been growing in popularity lately, with more drawing applications coming to AppWorld.  A stylus gives you the ability to easily take notes while on the go without a note pad; the convenience is a huge plus for many.

Unfortunately, there are a ton of options currently in the stylus market.  They vary in price and it is nearly impossible to know which one is the right one for you. Let's hit the break and take a deeper look at the Incipio Inscribe stylus, one of the less expensive units that is currently available.