iluvmybb contest - Other Awesome Entry Video Shout Outs!


Mad Skillz - Entry #51 - Professional Yo-Yo Berry

OK folks, this is our last shout-outs post in what was a purely awesome I Love My BlackBerry Video contest. For this final round, I went through the videos and have highlighted in this post nine entries that really grabbed my attention for different reasons. I'll give a brief overview, and then you can watch all the videos below. As for the video above... well... let's just say it hit a sweet spot with me because back when I was 8 years old (in '88) I remember watching the Smothers Brothers reunion season on CBS. The Yo-Yo Man (Tom Smothers) was my HERO. Seriously, I was addicted to yo-yos long before I became addicted to BlackBerrys.

More Shout Out Awards:

  • Mad Skillz Award - Aron Bendet is the Yo-Yo Berry
  • First Entry In - Props to Matthios Rios for getting this video in just hours after we announced the competition
  • From the Heart - Robert Sinisi's video is straight from the heart. Our best wishes go out to his sister
  • Most Educational - We can now sign BlackBerry thanks to Jenna Endicott's entry
  • More Mad Skilz - Marco Hartig killed his BlackBerry... in style
  • Most Money Spent on a Video - Troy Peterson.. you is crazy! Watch him buy 7,000 shares of RIMM for close to half a million dollars :)
  • Passion & Awesomeness - Troy Reynold's Inglorious BlackBerry Addict tale is a must-watch!
  • Gag Reel Award - Troy Anderson's documentary had an awesome Gag Reel at the end. Kudos to that!!
  • CrackBerry Crazy Awesome - BlackBerrying while Sky Diving? YOU BET!

In addition to our Slacker, SmrtGuard and ShaoSoft Prizes going out to all contestants that put in an entry, all of our shout-out winners will also get their own Coveroo and DreamTheme Prime Theme! 

iluvmybb contest - Short Video/Commercial Shout Outs!


Entry #12 -Two Different Kinds of Fruit

* Update - We got Eric's Special Time entry back up. Watch it below!!! *

This post is way overdue! Between the BlackBerry Developer Conference last week, and playing catch-up from being away this week, I'm a bit behind on our I Love My BlackBerry video contest shoutouts. Today we've got a couple of the funny short-commercials that were entered. Above you can watch Randall Brown's Two Different Kinds of Fruit video and below you can catch Brian Smith's I Have an App For That skit (this video always wins the award for Best Hair). There were two other entries that I absolutely LOVED in this category, but unfortunately the contestants yanked from youtube (leave your entries up... our final shoutout is coming tomorrow!).  Kudos goes to Entry #34 by Eric Hilliard for Special Time and to Entry #32 by Brad Cook for Unavoidable.

A note to contestants: Just to recap where things are at... the grand prizes winners have their BIG prizes en route to them already. Our finalists will be getting their $50 ShopCrackBerry coupon codes before end of day Friday. Our finalists and shout-out winners will be getting contacted about their custom CrackBerry coveroos before end of day Friday, and then everybody will who entered a video will be getting contacted about their Slacker and SmrtGuard and ShaoSoft and Dream Theme prizes before the end of the weekend. Thanks for the patience!

iluvmybb contest - Music Focused Video Shout Outs!


Entry #36 - Chairman Plow's I LOVE MY CRACKBERRY

With the Grand Prize Winner announced in the I Love My BlackBerry video contest, it's time to follow-up with some honorable mentions. In this shout outs post, we've got three stellar music-focused videos that were submitted. Above you can hear Chairman Plow's awesome I Love My CrackBerry track (this was one of my personal favorites - just needs a couple more verses and this baby would be platinum!). Below we've got two more vids. First, Crystal Hunter's I Love My CrackBerry parody of Miley Cyrus' Party in the USA (which today landed top spot on America's Top 40). Gotta give Crystal HUGE props for working "Force Radio On" into a chorus. LOL. Now THAT's Hardcore (download Force Radio On). And lastly, David Demaria's I Love My BlackBerry Remix that's full of love. Awesome stuff. Enjoy the vids!

And the Winner in the I Love My BlackBerry Video Contest Is....


Entry #17: The Scent of a BlackBerry!

Yup, that's right... the Grand Prize Winner in our I Love My BlackBerry Video Contest is Matt Galo's amazing video production, The Scent of a BlackBerry. If you haven't seen it yet, watch it above and be blown away! For his creativity, efforts, and wicked video, Matt will be taking home a new Macbook (in honor of the launch of BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac), his choice of BlackBerry Storm2 or BlackBerry Bold 9700, and the Schlage LiNK home system!!

Our 1st runner up was our wild card pick, APPLECALYPSE, which drew in a lot voter support, capturing 24% of the vote compared to 26% of the vote for The Scent of a BlackBerry. 2nd place will get Kevin Leung his choice of BlackBerry Bold 9700 or Storm2. From there it was CrackBerry Therapy followed very closely by BlackBerry... A Love Story for third and fourth place respectively, each getting 11% of the votes. You can view the finalist voting breakdown below.

ALL OF OUR FINALISTS Will be receiving some great prizes, including a $50 coupon code for accessories from, a free custom battery door cover from, and a 1-year subscription to both SmrtGuard and Slacker Radio Plus. With the finalists and grand prize winners taken care of, we still have some shout out awards that'll be hitting the blogs over the next few days. To all our participants -- we'll be following up with all of you soon as everybody will be getting prizes (stay tuned for a big thank you to our sponsors post too).  BIG CONGRATS go to all our our finalists! 

iluvmybb shout out - CSI Waterloo


Entry #67 - CSI Waterloo | View All Contest Video Submissions >>

iluvmybb finalist - APPLECALYPSE


Entry #33 - APPLECALYPSE | View All Contest Video Submissions >>

* That's it. All ten finalists have now been announced. stay tuned for the community vote!! *

With it being Halloween tomorrow, it's fitting that our tenth finalist in the I Love My BlackBerry video contest center around Zombies! As chosen by the CrackBerry community in our WildCard vote, Kevin Leung's entry puts us in a world where iPhone Zombies have taken over (scary thought, I know!). There were a lot of firsts for Kevin and his crew in putting this entry together - you can read the story behind the flick below. Awesome video!!

That's it for announcing the finalists. But there's plenty of iluvmybb fun left to come. We'll kick off the final vote tomorrow, and while that's open for a few days will be running some bonus round posts and shout-outs highlighting some of the other awesome entries submitted. Huge kudos and thank you once again go to everybody who submitted an entry!

iluvmybb finalist - The BlackBerry Addict


Entry #35 - The BlackBerry Addict | View All Contest Video Submissions >>

iluvmybb finalist - I Love MyBlackBerry, The Movie


Entry #48 - I Love My BlackBerry, The Movie | View All Contest Video Submissions >>

* keep in mind we're not announcing the ten finalists in any particular order - 2 more to come! *

Suspense. Drama. Action. Our 8th finalist's video entry in the I Love My BlackBerry contest has them all and then some. Kick back, hit play and watch I Love My BlackBerry, The Movie. Mike Neel packed a lot into this 4minute flick, which flows quick and holds your attention. Great job Mike (and evil girlfriend!)! You can read his overview of the video below.

Only two more entries left to get announced. We'll do them both up tomorrow for Storm2 launch day! Stay tuned!

iluvmybb finalist - BlackBerry... A Love Story


Entry #69 - BlackBerry... A Love Story | View All Contest Video Submissions >>

* keep in mind we're not announcing the ten finalists in any particular order - 3 more to come! *

We're into the home stretch in announcing the finalists in our I Love My BlackBerry video contest. Our seventh finalist is entry #69, titled BlackBerry... A Love Story. The vision and handy work of Michael Garcia and Elizabeth Bejarno, this is one hella-creative entry, playing off the mood and theme of an old Hollywood love story. Just hit play and watch. Pretty wicked, huh? You can find the story behind the video below.

Only three more entries left to get announced over the next two days before we get the community vote kicked off on Thursday (will run through the weekend to Monday night). If you've missed any of the finalist announcements so far, here's a recap of our first six so you can get up to speed:

iluvmybb finalist - Romantic Evening Gone Wrong


Entry #70 - Romantic Evening Gone Wrong | View All Contest Video Submissions >>