iCrackBerryKevin+ If your next smartphone could not be a BlackBerry, what would it be?


Don't panic! I'm not turning my back on BlackBerry. Though after waking up this morning to a dead BlackBerry Bold 9900 sitting on my charging stand (not even a JVM error this time, just a dead black screen dead), I don't think anybody could blame me if I did. That's three times now my Bold 9900 has bricked in one month. Awesome.

After it happened the second time, and I heard that many others were also experiencing bricked 9900/9930s, I reached out to RIM on Nov. 1st letting them know my concern that something seemed to be seriously wrong with the device. That many bricked 99xx's out there among people I knew was not normal. The initial word I got back from RIM that day was that my report seemed to be the first along these lines and was isolated to me and the group of people I knew. Obviously that didn't truly pan out to be the case as on Friday we saw somebody from RIM give CNBC a statement confirming there is an issue with the 9900/9930 and that RIM is working on the fix. I hope they push out this fix soon. I'm even more curious to know what the actual problem is.

As for the poll above, after tweeting out my frustration this morning I couldn't help but laugh at the replies I received from our sibling sites (pictured above), aiming to win my love. Good work boys. It made me wonder for real though... if I was going to have another device other than a BlackBerry as my *primary* Smartphone, what platform would it be?