#IchooseBlackBerry10 - Be part of the movement today!


If you've been in a funk lately due to uncertainty surrounding the future of BlackBerry THE COMPANY... it's time to snap out of it and focus on the now as we've got some serious BlackBerry 10 love to spread throughout the land. 

Following in the footsteps of the #BlackBerryByChoice and #BB10Believe twitter campaigns of the past year, members of the CrackBerry community took to the twitters with a new hash tag this weekend in #IchooseBlackBerry10.

Watching the tweets roll in and seeing the passion of BlackBerry users out there rallying behind the new hash tag, I know it's helped snap me out of my funk. It's not blind fanboyism driving this. It's BlackBerry users being champions for the product they love as it's best for their needs. It's not about hiding from the business challenges and work to be done by the company, but focusing on the product available now and the awesome work that has been done.