Hurricane Sandy

Verizon offering support in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy


People on the east coast of the US are still struggling after Hurricane Sandy without electricity, gas, and other amenities most of us take for granted daily. To help ease the strain as much as they can, Verizon Wireless has stepped up and is offering anyone that needs it the chance to come in and charge their devices, make a phone call, or use a computer for free, whether they are a Verizon customer or not.

Adam's Superstorm Sandy Update: The value of a phone and social media realized


Adam Zeis, Left
Adam Zeis at left at BBJam Americas.. when he had plenty of battery life. 

Believe it or not, I'm writing this on my BlackBerry. It may be the last thing I do before my battery dies, so it might even get cut short before my intended conclusion. As I write this I'm on my living room couch drinking a cup of instant coffee (I've had worse), wearing a giant wool hat and while the room is hovering at around 55 degrees.

In case you didn't know, the East Coast got hit by a crazy big storm this weekend. Hurricane Sandy is one of the biggest we've ever seen, and for the second year in a row my family and I are not only left with a rescheduled Halloween, but also without power. Unlike last year however, no one I know has power either, so we're all stuck on our own until things get back to normal. The good? Thankfully I have my BlackBerry Bold 9900, iPhone and PlayBook to keep me informed. The bad? All my batteries are almost dead.