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i-Mentalist releases Slotch - a FUZZengine enabled alarm clock for the BlackBerry PlayBook



Awhile back we told you about i-Mentalist's new personalizing tool called FUZZengine. It's a great app for downloading images, videos, and sounds for your BlackBerry PlayBook but it's real purpose, customizing and personalizing your native and third party applications, was not yet available. Well the wait is finally over! I-Mentalist let us know that they've just released their first FUZZengine compatible application called Slotch.

VCMS by i-Mentalist - Vehicle Counters and Monitoring System for the BlackBerry PlayBook

VCMS by i-Mentalist
Anyone can make an application. No, really. I think anyone can make an application if given enough time and resources. But to make an app that is not only functional and useful, but also beautiful, now that takes talent. One of the best at doing just that is the team over at i-Mentalist. A few months back Hedone Design extended their development from BlackBerry themes into applications under the name i-Mentalist, bringing all of the talent and attention to detail to the new venture.

The latest release from i-Mentalist, and their first application for the BlackBerry PlayBook, is called VCMS - short for Vehicle Counters and Monitoring System. This app shows you information you may not have thought your PlayBook could bring you, and includes compass, odometer, altitude, latitude/longitude, and speedometer. Using the GPS built in to the PlayBook, you can easily see your current altitude (in feet or meters), speed (in kph, mph, or knots), and keep track of distance for dual trips (in km, ft, nmi). VCMS even shows you the current time and date.

You may think this is too much information to be crammed onto your screen, and there is no way that it could look nice, right? Wrong. The design is elegant and eye-catching whether in day or night mode, and even a little hypnotizing at times. The colors are perfectly coordinated and the dials and gauges are crafted to perfection. Whether you spend a lot of time in the car, on your bike, in a plane or on a boat, you will turn to this app again and again for information. You can have VCMS on your PlayBook for $2.99. You can check out a couple screenshots after the break and buy it at the link below.

More information/screenshots and purchase VCMS

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