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As we kickoff our Mobile Nations Fitness Month, I realized just how far behind I was in my 2013 New Year's resolutions. Sure I started out with the best intentions of getting in shape and finally losing those last few pounds but work, blogging, and life's little issues got in the way. Throughout my weight ups and downs, the one thing I've learned is that not only is it important to manage your diet and maintain portion control but adhere to a strict daily fitness regimen as well.

That is why our BlackBerry smartphones and PlayBook are extremely valuable resources in weight loss/management. There are a plethora of applications and workouts available to make sure you meet your healthy lifestyle goals not only in a timely manner, but in a way that avoids overexertion and injury by gradually increasing intensity. So before you reach for another cookie or bag of chips, be sure to browse through this list of our Top Fitness Applications.

Quick Review: Gym Technik for BlackBerry smartphones


It's Health & Fitness Month at Mobile Nations!

"Omg, no more pen and paper at the gym!!! No more looking like a geek that brings books into everything!" - CJbardsley   App World review

4 star rating

Gym Technik review

When it comes to getting fit, I suggest you accept any help that you can get. Especially when you’re starting out, it’s extremely important to maintain that motivation. If you don’t you might fly off of the back of a treadmill and land right back on the couch. Being resourceful folk, we do know that we can always lean on an application to help us stay on the straight and narrow. If you have a busy work and/or family schedule which causes you to come up with excuses as to why you don’t have time to figure out a workout schedule, you definitely need the support of a great fitness application.

Now we can’t get through Fitness Month at Mobile Nations without one of the most popular fitness applications amongst BlackBerry smartphone applications – Gym Technik. For years, we’ve covered its numerous updates for good reason; it is, in my opinion, the best workout partner to have by your side. Seriously, it helps you plan your workouts from their impressive library of routines, see written and video instructions for proper execution, upload progress photos and provide an in-depth way to track your results. Now I have reviewed this in the past but, with it being Fitness Month and all, I think it’s important to go over it. So check out the past reviews, and everything else Gym Technik, then have a look at what’s new.

Top 10 BlackBerry Smartphone and BlackBerry PlayBook fitness applications


Top 10 fitness apps

As we near the end of January 2012, I wonder how many people have kept up with their (or even started) News Years Resolutions. In my opinion, one of the hardest ones to stick with is weight loss/management. Why? It’s one that not only forces you to change your bad habits, but also your schedule. Like many of you out there, I made it a resolution to get into shape. More specifically, I want to finish my journey and never go back. Ever since a move we made in the Fall of 2010, I couldn’t get back into the groove.

It’s not enough to chuck the cheeseburger and pick up a celery stick, you need to hit the gym, the park or the pavement; not the couch. For some, it’s hard to stop eating the mashed potatoes and stop being a couch potato. The first thing you should do is stretch your thumbs, because you’re going to get a workout from looking at the BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry PlayBook applications that App World has to offer. There’s definitely no shortage of fitness apps to be had. The key is to find the ones that offer the best workout and will have the most impact. That way you should have no excuses when it comes to shedding the pounds. While you’re warming up your thumbs, have a read through the Top 10 Fitness apps, all of which can be found at BlackBerry App World.

Gym Technik upgrades with new features and OS6/Torch compatibility

Gym Technik

It's been quite the week for the guys over at Gym Technik. First they won a CrackBerry App Awards for Best Health App for the second year in a row, and now we've just received a tip that their app has been upgraded with a couple of neat new features.

60 Day Fitness Challenge Update: Gym Technik patch available (bug fixes); Reminder to submit before photos by July 15th


Take part in the BlackBerry Fitness Challenge! Even details below!!!

60 Day Fitness Challenge!

We're a week into the 60 Day BlackBerry Fitness Challenge now and things seem to be off to a pretty good start for all those participating. Remember, there are multiple ways to participate in this event (full details below), so it's not too late to get started and get involved. We have a very active BB Fitness Challenge Forum thread going on now as well as a BBM group for those who want to join, so if you have any questions jump onto the thread. Now for a couple quick updates: 

  • Gym Technik update/patch available: Gym Technik released an update today that addresses a few of the bugs people were experiencing with the built-in twitter functionality (hash tag not showing on long tweets, text entry field not scrolling properly, not being able to tweet from a cardio workout). To update, open the app, sync your data, and then click on the prompt to download the available update (new version is 0.9.111). You should be good to go!
  • Deadline to Submit your Before photos is July 15th: If you want to take part i the best before/after portion of the contest, be sure to get your photos submitted by July 15th. The sooner you get them done, the more days you have left to improve!

If you're not up to speed, the full contest details are below and you can post your questions in the forum thread as well. See ya at the beach!

What's on a CrackBerry BlackBerry?

What's on a CrackBerry BlackBerry?

We all know that CrackBerry is the source of information for BlackBerry applications. There are so many out there. On CrackBerry, you can easily read up on new and updated apps, in depth reviews and even pick up applications from the CrackBerry App Store. While we do get to take a look at some incredibly interesting applications, one thing I get asked is, “What do you use?” My BlackBerry has seen plenty of applications cross its home screen. Some have stayed as they have been quite beneficial. Others, though they could be useful, simply didn’t work specifically for me. It’s not necessarily because they weren’t decent applications, but because of both space and need.

So with access to all of these applications, which ones made the cut? Which apps have found a home on our BlackBerrys? What’s on a CrackBerry BlackBerry? With a fondness for all apps on our devices, I asked the editors and writers what their top 3 installed apps were and why. Check out the responses after the jump.