go Bare

CES 2010: Case-Mate Announces go Bare Solution-Free Protective Skins for BlackBerry

go Bare

Case-Mate announced today they will be adding a new line of protective skins to their lineup of BlackBerry cases. The new go Bare protective films will be solution-free "instant application" skins for all devices. The invisible film will protect the entire device, without the need of any sprays or solution for application. You will be able to apply, reapply and take off the film as many times as needed with no damage or residue on the device itself.

 "With go Bare, we're using cutting-edge technology to create a new category of solution-free mobile phone protection - an invisible film that completely shields against potential nicks and scratches without compromising the look of the device," said Shashi Reddy, founder and CEO, case-mate. "While many people like to adorn their device with colorful cases, there are just as many who want to preserve its beauty and go Bare is the ideal solution, as it's easy-to-use, offers maximum protection and maintains the integrity of the product's original design."

The go Bare line will be available in mid-February for most devices and cost $24.99 for full-body protection. For more information check out case-mate.com. Full press release after the jump.