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Rdio updates for BlackBerry 7 and unveils first digital music family plan

There are several options for streaming music on your BlackBerry, one of the newest being Rdio. Developed by the creators of Skype, Rdio is cross-platform and packed with great features including playlist and people support as well as music caching for when you are away from wifi or have no signal.

Rdio was recently updated for BlackBerry 7 devices, and today they have become the first service to offer digital music family plans. Families can add up to three accounts to one plan for a discounted subscription rate. Two accounts cost $17.99 per month, a 10 percent savings off the regular Rdio Unlimited monthly rate of $9.99; three accounts cost $22.99 per month, a 23 percent savings. No other digital music service currently provides discounted rates for families. Full press release and details can be found after the break and if you're interested in taking Rdio for a spin, head on over to

Zagat for BlackBerry updated to v8.0

Zagat for BlackBerry

Zagat is an application that lets you search, view, rate, map, and make reservations for restaurants across the nation. It is a great app to have while traveling, but it also good just to search restaurants you may not know about in your area. New features in this update include:

Stop those unwanted call with PrivacyStar - 6 3-month subscriptions to be won


PrivacyStar is an application that is great for blocking unwanted phone calls on your BlackBerry. It filters your inbound calls based on the preferences you choose. Some of the main features of the application include:

CNBC announces the launch of CNBC Pro for BlackBerry

CNBC Pro for BlackBerry

Today, CNBC launched a new professional level BlackBerry application, CNBC Pro. It is designed for investors around the world and offers a comprehensive suite of servies. Its choc-full of CNBC goodies like market data, live CNBC archive, analytics and much more. Key CNBC Pro Features include:

  • Real Time global market data from 100+ exchanges
  • Live CNBC TV & VOD Archive- Watch CNBC US, Europe, an Asia Pacific live programming anytime
  • Personalization- Create and track your favorite securities with access to integrated charts and live CNBC related news headlines
  • Superior Analytics- View company specific news, videos, profiles and key metrics
  • Automatic Sync- Sync your personal settings between your desktop and BlackBerry
  • Cutom Real Time Price & Exclusive CNBC Breaking News Alerts- See breaking stock market news, anyalysis and expert investment opinions
The pricing is a bit nutty at $24.99.month or $269.99/year, so unless you can justify the easy use of an all-in-one app it may be tough to justify the pricing. Full press release after the break.

More information and pricing of CNBC Pro

Rdio - A cross platform streaming music service for BlackBerry

Rdio Music Service

Documents To Go for BlackBerry Review

CrackBerry Idol - Earl

Review of Documents To Go for BlackBerry Smartphones

Most BlackBerry users are familiar with Documents to Go. Not necessarily because they downloaded it from the top 50 list on the CrackBerry App Store, but because it comes pre-installed on most users devices. But the version that comes pre-installed might be lacking for some of your day to day tasks. The ability to create new documents right from your BlackBerry, being able to edit existing documents or spell checking in word documents might be enough to make you want to upgrade. Having the ability to sort or update charts in your spreadsheets, or delete and insert slides in your presentations might also be appealing to you. If so, read on.