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Get into the groove while working out with the ArmPocket XTREME i-30


When it comes to physical activities I'm not normally one to shy away but getting older hasn't made it easy. I didn't take part in CrackBerry's Fitness Month back in February as much as other members of the Team CrackBerry, though I continued with my Taekwon-Do classes. However, in the past couple of months I have got back into the groove as I was beginning to feel plump, coupled with some inspiration from the kids. I got back into running, pushed myself more in Taekwon-Do, as well as created a workout regime with the kids that we have been doing for the past three weeks. When I exercise I need some music to help me get through and make me feel motivated so I needed to find an accessory that would allow me to carry my BlackBerry with me at all times. So, I went with the ArmPocket XTREME i-30. Follow me after the break to see how it fit into my workout regime.