FilterLab vs InstaPhoto vs Photo Studio - a shutterbug showdown


Head to Head to Head

When checking out images on my computer, I would end up trying out various filters in order to see which one would make the image stand out. I’m always about options, so that’s why I first put together a multi-app review to see which one worked for me.

I’m becoming a fan of the head to head application reviews (in this case, head to head to head). It’s what everyone tries to figure out and what everyone asks; which one is better. Obviously, it’s all about personal preference. When I first put together this type of review for image editing applications, it was difficult to decide which ones should be pitted against each other. As time marches on, more and more developers release applications that offer generally the same thing. The trick is to know how each one fits into your needs. For me, the idea this time, was to focus on apps that offered image filtering options and the decision was to check out FilterLab, InstaPhoto and the new Photo Studio beta. Who would submit to the stronger Sepia? Who could eviscerate with their Vintage? Who would leave the others black and blue with their Black and White? Take a look at the comparison.

Filter your photos with FilterLab for BlackBerry


FilterLab for BlackBerryFilterLab for BlackBerry