RIM introduces BlackBerry 10 Ready Program for Enterprise customers


RIM introduces BlackBerry 10 Ready Program for Enterprise

In addition to the BlackBerry 10 Jam: Enterprise Edition tours happening around the world, RIM is working in various other ways to get Enterprise customers on board with BlackBerry 10 as well. As announced today, they're now offering a BlackBerry 10 Enterprise Readiness Program that will help with the transition to BlackBerry 10 for Enterprise customers out there already invested in BlackBerry services:

We remain committed to our enterprise customers and want to provide them with a head start on understanding the power of BlackBerry 10 and preparing their existing environments for the new mobile computing platform," said Bryan Lee, Senior Director, Enterprise at RIM. "The BlackBerry 10 Ready Program gives customers access to a variety of services, information, tools, and special offers to help ease their transition to BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10."

The program is quite extensive in its offerings. With webcasts, free BlackBerry 10 device offers and even a one-for-one BlackBerry Enterprise Server License trade up program now in place, RIM is putting action behind their words of commitment to Enterprise.

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion 6 Service Pack 2 Now Available


BlackBerry Mobile Fusion

RIM has released an update to BlackBerry Mobile Fusion 6. Service pack 2 is available now and provides updates for Universal Device Service that includes additional support for iOS and Android devices. The service pack further enhances the usabiliy of BlackBerry Mobile fusion and prepares enterprises for BlackBerry 10 services as well. Keep reading for the full list of updates.

More information/Download BlackBerry Mobile Fusion

BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 update now available for Novell GroupWise


Novell Groupwise

RIM has announced today the availability of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 update with support for Novell Groupwise. The update includes support for BlackBerry Balance as well as BlackBerry Mobile Fusion compatibility. Service Pack 4 will allow you to easily upgrade from Enterprise Server to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 with the launch of BlackBerry 10. 

RIM launches BlackBerry Partners for Enterprise portal


  BlackBerry Enterprise Portal

RIM has been all about the developers heading up to BlackBerry 10. They have shown no lack of support and have provided plenty of tools and training for devs to get their apps going. Not to be left in the dust, they are also supporting the enterprise space just as well. Today RIM introduced the BlackBerry Partners for Enterprise portal which is the next step from the BlackBerry Alliance Program for enterprise. The enterprise portal is free and provides developers, vendors, and organizations access to early hardware and software, technical and commercial resources, and more. Keep reading for the full press release.

BlackBerry 10 Jam Enterprise Edition: My Perspective


10 Jam

Earlier this week I spent the day at the BlackBerry 10 Jam Enterprise Edition that took place in London, UK. I will be totally honest with you and say that my knowledge of BES is pretty much zero, but I'm not one to miss out on a BlackBerry event because as well as learning new stuff there are always interesting people to meet and chat with. Chris did a great post after he attended the event in Toronto as well.

I attended the first BB10 Jam in London some months ago and that was a larger event than this one although the Enterprise Edition did sell out. I'm not sure on numbers but I would take a guess at there being between 80-100 people who attended. Clearly the majority of these folk were developers and already work within the Enterprise market. What I did find impressive though was that about 15- 20% of the people at the event had not developed for BlackBerry before, so all the hard work that RIM has been putting into the dev support must be paying off. Mind you, with BlackBerry 10 (or what RIM has shown us so far) looking so good you can't blame developers from other OS's being interested.

Is RIM set to dominate the mobile device management market?


Yesterday I attended BlackBerry Jam Enterprise in Toronto, along with fellow CrackBerry writer Zach Gilbert. It was a good opportunity to hear RIM's perspective on what they're doing in the enterprise and how they are different.

We interviewed John Mutter, Enterprise Mobility Architect at RIM. But we also managed to chit-chat with several attendees including some of my former colleagues from the financial community, who were in attendance (Great to see all of you!)

Overall, I really like what RIM is doing in the enterprise. The strategy makes sense, and solves some big headaches for the enterprise CIO. But I can't help feeling concerned about communication and execution, as I'll explain.

Gossip from my IT Department.. "We're preparing to support BlackBerry 10 from day one!"

BlackBerry 10

As posted in the CrackBerry forums by member pg101 earlier this week:

"Just got off phone with an IT gal at my employer. I work for one of the "big 5" banks in Canada... They are preparing to go BB10 from day 1....both phones and PlayBook. The gal who has a personal iPhone even says the BB10 has a better experience, the ideal BYOD product, and keyboard's ability to learn your typing errors and predict/correct is amazing. Every third word from her mouth was "sexy" when she was describing the features to me. She sounded very excited to talk about it.

On a side note, my bank tested Apple already as a replacement, and concluded that Apple still has significant hurdles to go through before it can be as safe and secure at BB. Needless to say, every other bank and insurance company here in Canada will likely come to the same conclusion, and will still continue to use BB over Apple. That is the bottom line! "

RIM CIO Robin Bienfait talks on mobile security, BYOD and more


Robin Bienfait