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The Sims FreePlay now available for BlackBerry 10


If you've been a fan of The Sims games over the years, you can now prepare to geek out over the latest EA game to arrive in BlackBerry World. The Sims FreePlay has arrived in the US for the BlackBerry Z10 and offers up the chance to step into The Sims world free of charge. Starting with the ability to customize your Sim in 20 different ways, the game also expands into other options as well.

EA brings Monopoly to BlackBerry 10


EA Games continues to show their support for the BlackBerry 10 platform by rolling out yet another release into BlackBerry World. This time around, Monopoly is getting some BlackBerry 10 love and brings with it all the classic gameplay players know and love and mashes it up with some digital jazz. 

Need For Speed: Undercover now available for BlackBerry 10


Tetris and Flight Control Rocket arrive on BlackBerry 10!


EA has just unleashed their first two titles for BlackBerry 10: Flight Control Rocket and Tetris. They’re both going for $2.99, and mark what will no doubt be a huge flood of EA games on BlackBerry 10 prior to the U.S. launch of the Z10.

Plants Vs Zombies creeps its way onto the BlackBerry Z10

Plants Vs Zombies BB10

If you’ve been hitting the refresh button over and over again waiting for some of the classic games to make their way onto the BlackBerry Z10, you can now stop. Electronic Arts has brought another of their hit titles to the new platform. Plants Vs Zombies is now available for download. If you’ve never played Plants Vs Zombies on the BlackBerry PlayBook, or another platform, you’ll want to check out our hands on video.

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