New BlackBerry 10 concept designs show off artist hybrid interpretations

BlackBerry Phoenix HD concept
There is no shortage of speculation regarding the upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices. When is it coming out? What will the specs be? What will it look like?? Everyone has their guesses for each of these questions, and some of our readers go the extra mile and draw up some concept designs for the new devices. We've had quite a few DreamBerry designs sent in, and here are 3 new ones.

The first is the BlackBerry Phoenix HD, sent in by CrackBerry member Shad. This design looks similar to the current BlackBerry Dev Alpha device, with a few notable exceptions like the trackpad with the BlackBerry logo. I like the whole concept, with the name of the device being tied into the slogan "The rebirth begins with BlackBerry 10". Nicely done Shad!

The next two designs might not sit well with everyone, but keep in mind they're simply artist renderings having a bit of fun with some 'what if' questions.

How's this for a BlackBerry 10 Slider?!


BlackBerry 10 Slider

How's this for a full touchscreen BlackBerry 10 Bold?

BlackBerry 10 Bold Full Touch

We're one step closer to our dream BlackBerry with curved display


The Anastasiadias Dream BlackBerry w/ Curved Display

We've been dreaming about a BlackBerry with a curved display ever since it was mocked up by our friend John Anastasiadis as part of our DreamBerry contest.

Yesterday the dream became one step closer to reality with Corning's announcement of their new "Willow Glass" technology, which will enable smartphones, tablets and netbook manufacturers to build devices with curved displays. Willow Glass is thin, strong and flexible, to the point where it can literally be wrapped around a device or structure, and supports OLED and LCD technologies.

Amazing stuff that promises to keep consumer technology exciting for years to come. You can checkout the press release below for full details. Then close your eyes and imagine all the gadgets you own with curvy display goodness. I love curves. Don't you? :)

Introducing the BlackBerry TK Victory - another Super Hot BlackBerry 10 Design!


It's been a little while since anyone has sent in any concept designs for their dream BlackBerry, but today we got a pretty amazing one from DigitalHomeBoy. He calls it the BlackBerry TK Victory and I think it's my personal favorite of all the concepts we've seen so far. Every detail on this device has been attended to, from the "Lotus Glass by Corning" to a swipe-able bezel on the touchscreen, 32GB on-board storage, and plenty more! Be sure to click on past the break for a full run down of features as well as several more pictures.

What do you guys think of this design? Would you rock this BlackBerry if it came to fruition?

Two New DreamBerry BlackBerry 11 Slider Concepts Emerge!


Click to view Larger Image of Anastasiadis Slider

We were interupted yesterday from our series of reader-submitted Dream BlackBerry designs by a "Reality" BlackBerry. While the first images of the BlackBerry 10 "London" phone showed a beautiful full touchscreen design (apparently 4.2" w/ a DPI that smokes the retina display on the iPhone 4), our next two submissions are both slider concepts. 

10 Hot Dream BlackBerry Concept Designs!


Next up in our series of DreamBerry articles, we have TEN more concept BlackBerry designs to check out, drool over, pick apart and brainstorm around. We've already seen some major creativity displayed and enthusiastic community response shown to the Anastasiadis BlackBerry and PlayBook 3.0 concepts we posted, and the ingenuity continues.

Take a gander below to discover some future Berry concepts that are both dreamy, cool and crazy. We've got spinning sliders, dual trackpad and dual display delights and more below, with the images accompanied by their creators descriptions. Gotta love CrackBerry.. talk about passionate and engaged members! Love it!!

A dreamy BlackBerry PlayBook 3.0 concept!

BlackBerry PlayBook 3.0 concept

With all the excitement this past week with Research In Motion getting a new CEO, I almost forgot about our DreamBerry movement we have going on. Following up John Anastasiadis' sexy wrap-around BlackBerry concept phone, we have another cool looking mockup to drool over, this one for a tablet. This one was submitted by member ummie4... we'll let him tell you all about it:

Crackberry user ummie4 here. I wanted to show you my design for a DreamBerry! This is my idea for a next generation PlayBook 3.0. To take full advantage of the multitasking of the PlayBook, I wanted my PlayBook to have dual screens, so you can video chat on one screen while you view a Powerpoint presentation on the other. I love the Bold 9900's keyboard so I took the same style keys, made them larger and split them in half. I think a table device with a keyboard layout like this would be really sweet. You can hold the tablet with both hands and thumb type with ease without stretching too far. Above the keyboard are dual trackpads. I still think the trackpad is useful even on a touchscreen device. I think having two trackpads might make gaming controls more interesting than what other tablets have to offer these days. My PlayBook has a flashy brushed stainless steel bezel (like the 9900). It folds closed so you don't need a bulky case or screen protector, it protects itself.

Pretty creative thinking in this one and the logic behind it makes a lot of sense. Dual displays for TRUE multitasking would play to the strengths of BlackBerry 10 and be unique. I guess it's not technically a tablet - but it definitely plays to the book within the PlayBook name. Call it what you want though, I'm loving the out there thinking on this one. And hopefully Skype sees this post and gets their butts in gear to get Skype onto the PlayBook/BB10 (they'll want do it before February 1st or else the CEO is going to be getting a LOT of emails from CrackBerry's Skype petition/email campaign). Be sure to check out a couple more pictures of the PlayBook 3.0 concept after the break!