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If you're not familiar with the Entertainment Book it's the deal lover's dream.  For a low one-time cost of between $35-$48/year you get 12 months of deals at hundreds upon hundreds of stores, restaurants, hotels, golf courses and attractions.  They are most often sold by schools or soccer teams or other organizations doing fundraising.  My family never passes it up, we get our pound of flesh from movie visits alone.

The real challenge over the years has been that when the coupons expire I've got a book that has over 3/4 of the coupons still unused.  Yes admittedly there are many in the book that will never be used by me and my family but we do miss out on many good deals because we didn't know they were in there.  The book is intimidating in it's size, plus the coupons are thrown in there in no particular order other than venue type.

Many times my wife and I are trying to figure where to go for dinner and will flip through the hundreds of pages trying to find a place that appeals to us but never really settle on anything from the book and just end of going to The Keg or whatever.  Thank goodness the Entertainment people have come to the rescue with an app.