BlackBerry in the UK: Pay As You Go vs Contract


BlackBerry PAYG UK

With the BlackBerry Smartphone being so popular here in the UK, one predicament that many parents may well have when buying a lower end device for their children is do they go down the contract route or Pay As You Go (PAYG). I thought I would have a look at the options and compare the costs over a two year period, as this is how you get the best deal on a contract.

For my little experiment I have only used one carrier and that is T-Mobile UK. The reason I have chosen them is due to them offering the best option when is comes to BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) on PAYG.

The device I have used for the comparison is the new BlackBerry Curve 9320 as I strongly believe this will be the most successful handset with the younger generation over the next year or so.