The BlackBerry Knight concept is the prime example of a great looking Z10 successor


In our poll earlier, we asked how many people were still holding out hope that BlackBerry would announce a new all touch device and thus far, the results show the vast majority still want to see BlackBerry announce something in that area. Looking through the comments, a lot of those who voted feel as though the BlackBerry Z10 needs a 'successor' device and as luck would have it, DHabkirk Designs had a concept in mind by way of the BlackBerry Knight.

From the forums: The BlackBerry PlayBook 10 concept and this one looks a real beauty


Currently, as far as we know, another PlayBook isn't on the cards anytime soon for BlackBerry. That doesn't stop our CrackBerry forum members from wanting a new and improved BlackBerry 10 tablet though.

Andreas Kimishis1 has come up with yet another concept and I must say that it looks glorious. Since BlackBerry confirmed that the original PlayBook would not a get BlackBerry 10 update as we were first promised, mine has taken a back seat and I tend to use an iPad mini for my tablet needs - which is mainly for watching movies in bed - no not that sort!

From the forums: Another BlackBerry Windermere concept


Judging by the amount of comments we seem to get on our concept posts it would appear that seeing what we may or may not get from BlackBerry in the future is rather popular. 

From the forums: The BlackBerry Xotica Concept


Concept time again and yet another sweet looking design from CrackBerry forum member Ziro1. His Xotica concept looks wonderful both as an all-touch device and also with the famous BlackBerry hardware keyboard, but where we see some big changes with this one is in terms of the notification LED. 

Another BlackBerry Q20 'Classic' concept hits the forums


We all know that the BlackBerry Q20 is coming at some point this year and will be the first BlackBerry in the 'Classic' range so says CEO John Chen. There's a few things we know for sure that the Q20 will feature - such as a hardware keyboard and also the return of the optical trackpad and function keys. 

From the forums: The 5 inch QWERTY BlackBerry 10 concept


We recently posted about the 'alleged' 5 inch BlackBerry display that had shown up on the web. Whether this will ever come to market is anyones guess but forum member SenorPistachio decided to make up a concept of what the device could look like if it does in fact go into production one day. 

Q15 Slider Concept

From the forums: The Z15 concept slider


BlackBerry concept time once again and this one is brought to us by CrackBerry forum member D_Gui who also gave us the recent Q15 compact concept that understandably had mixed views. This one certainly looks my cup of tea, although I'm not sure we need the screen to rotate, plus it would add to costs and potentially be something that could malfunction.

Another BlackBerry slider concept hits the forums. Would you want to see this form factor return?


Slider concept

We've had some pretty sweet news on the BlackBerry front this week thanks to Mobile World Congress where the BlackBerry Z3 and Q20 were confirmed. As I'm sure you are aware - the Z3 is an all touch budget device, whereas the Q20 will be a flagship hardware keyboard handset featuring the return of the trackpad and 'toolbelt'. 

This is what a white BlackBerry Z10 may look like


New BlackBerry 10 concept designs show off artist hybrid interpretations

BlackBerry Phoenix HD concept
There is no shortage of speculation regarding the upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices. When is it coming out? What will the specs be? What will it look like?? Everyone has their guesses for each of these questions, and some of our readers go the extra mile and draw up some concept designs for the new devices. We've had quite a few DreamBerry designs sent in, and here are 3 new ones.

The first is the BlackBerry Phoenix HD, sent in by CrackBerry member Shad. This design looks similar to the current BlackBerry Dev Alpha device, with a few notable exceptions like the trackpad with the BlackBerry logo. I like the whole concept, with the name of the device being tied into the slogan "The rebirth begins with BlackBerry 10". Nicely done Shad!

The next two designs might not sit well with everyone, but keep in mind they're simply artist renderings having a bit of fun with some 'what if' questions.