BlackBerry headset throwdown - Battle of the big three

CrackBerry Idol - Kerri

BlackBerry Headset Throwdown - Battle of the big three

Wires or Bluetooth? Headphones or earbud? Normally having a multitude of options is a good thing but when it comes to choosing a hands-free device where does one even begin? You read the reviews and most don't answer the questions consumers really want to know. Examples of those would be; "Will my glasses knock the headset off my ear?", "Is it comfortable enough to be worn for long periods of time?" or "Since I'm paying so much for it, can I use it with my MP3 player as well?". I really wanted to see the difference between some of the top sellers from each area (earbud headset, headphones & wired headset) and really put them to the test of the "average" consumer. I judged each of these on a 1.0 to 5.0 scale, 5.0 being the highest. I also tried to explain why I gave each device a certain score because some would say the wired device doesn't even compare to the other two. Everyone's preference is different so I wanted to make sure all styles of headsets were represented.

BlackBerry charging solution shootout


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BlackBerry Charging Solution Shootout

Through many years and many BlackBerry devices I have never ventured beyond the factory charger. It has always been a point of frustration that the cable included with the BlackBerry has a straight tip, yet the Micro USB connection is on the side of most devices. This makes it awkward when charging and a few times led to bent pins if the device falls from it's charging perch. There are a number of options available for charging your BlackBerry. Which charger charges the fastest? Does the type of charger make a difference regarding battery life throughout the day? Is the most expensive option the best?

Comparison: New BlackBerry WebKit Browser vs. the Competition (iPhone 4 and Samsung Captivate)


If there's one feature BlackBerry users have wanted to see improve on their devices more than anything else, it's the BlackBerry web browser. With BlackBerry 6 that wish can finally be crossed off the list, as the new web browser with WebKit rendering finally makes browsing the web on a BlackBerry an enjoyable experience. Compared to the old browser, it's a night and day difference.

But how does the new BlackBerry web browser stack up to the latest and greatest devices from the competition? I wanted to know the answer to that myself, so with some help from Dieter we cleared the cache on the BlackBerry Torch 9800, Apple iPhone 4 and new Android-based Samsung Captivate and put the devices head to head to head in a one take, no messing around web browser shootout. We tested the browsers both over 3G and WiFi (note - towards the end of the video where I jokingly say the BlackBerry browsing is being 3x more efficient, keep in mind that only applies to browsing over 3G - when browsing over WiFi the data is pulled straight in to the device vs. over 3G when it goes through RIM's servers which optimize and compress the data over the air). Read on for the results.

BlackBerry Bluetooth speakerphone shootout - BlueAnt S4 vs. BlackBerry VM-605 vs. Mr. Handsfree Blue Vision II

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BlackBerry Bluetooth Speakerphone Shootout

Having a Bluetooth headset is becoming a necessity for some people as laws are being enforced all over North America against talking on cell phones without a handsfree device. However some people prefer not having something wrapped around their ear or a device they can utilize fully while on the road. There are cars that have the feature of having a Bluetooth system built in, but for those who are not fortunate to have one, there are Bluetooth Speakerphones. In this review, I will be putting the top three selling in the CrackBerry Store to the test to see which one is right for you. We'll be looking at the feature rich Blue Ant S4, the popular Blackberry VM 605 and the easy to use Mr. Handsfree Blue Vision II.

Bluetooth headset head to head: Jabra Stone vs. Motorola Endeavor


CrackBerry idol - AliciaBluetooth Headset Shootout - Jabra Stone vs. Motorola Endeavor

As someone who works in New York City, there are two things I've learned: (1) never publicly admit you're a Mets fan and (2) Manhattan is the noisiest city there is. Between the subways, buses, cars, taxis, and of course, the people, you need earplugs just to walk down the street. So imagine trying to have a phone conversation while walking anywhere in midtown. It's definitely not a pretty sight. At times I'm like the Verizon guy asking "Can you hear me now?" So what is a city girl to do? To solve that problem I'm going to put two headsets head to head in a battle to see which one can survive "the Manhattan Zone." I'm going to venture out to different parts of the city to see which one will come out on top and be declared the heavyweight champion. Who do you think will win? Click on the jump to find out.

BlackBerry WebKit Browser caught on video doing Android, iPhone comparison!


Blackberry WebKit Browser caught on video doing Android, iPhone comparison!

*UPDATE* - Did anyone else happen to notice the "death grip" coming into play on this video? I hadn't fully watched it the first time around so I went back and it looks like the 9800 does show some signs. Granted it is pre-release but, these things are now going to be looked at more carefully*

Salomondrin has some new videos up. If you want to get a quick look at the BlackBerry WebKit browser going head to head against the browsers of Android and iPhone then you'll want to check out the video after the break. Salomondrin also posted some details regarding the Acid3 tests and how the devices compare there. One thing to note about the Acid3 test however, is that they often seem to vary so take from it what you will. Hit the video after the break, leave some comments on the post and let us know your thoughts.