Review: CNNMoney for BlackBerry Smartphones


“This is CNN.”

I remember hearing those words uttered by James Earl Jones whenever I switched the station to CNN. At first I thought “Oh my gosh, the Empire has taken over the network!” I guess that meant the Rebels were on Fox. But seriously, CNN has always been one of the best sources for the latest in business, financial and world news. More specifically, is the world’s largest business website, as well as a solid source of personal finance, business and general financial news. Visitors could take a look at the Market Tracker, retirement information and special reports.

While I wasn’t able to attend WES this year, I was able to keep on top of the newest applications to hit the scene. One of these apps is the CNNMoney application. It was good to see this application finally make its way to the BlackBerry smartphone, especially when iPhone users saw this application back in July of 2009. Now, I’m hoping that having this application on my BlackBerry will help me manage my finances and future investments. Let’s take a look at CNN Money and see if money really talks.