CrackBerry Kevin: Happy BBRY committed to hardware - CNBC


After an early morning, Kevin has gone back to bed (he woke up with a fever today) but not before taking some time to chat with CNBC on all of the this mornings happenings.

We talked a bit about the news today on our podcast, but Kevin got a second effort to talk about new CEO John Chen, the Foxconn partnership and what's to come for BlackBerry down the road.

CNBC's Joe Kernen feels the heat of the CrackBerry Nation


In other news, it looks like CNBC's Joe Kernen felt the heat of the CrackBerry Nation on Twitter over the weekend. In case you missed it, Kernan chimed in at the end of a CNBC interview with RIM CEO Thorsten Heins. He didn't tread too tactfully however as he had this to say to Heins:

"You're at RIM and you're in Waterloo and you don't even care. Because even though you're in Waterloo, that doesn't even occur to you that this isn't going to work ... with the BlackBerry 10".

CNBC announces the launch of CNBC Pro for BlackBerry

CNBC Pro for BlackBerry

Today, CNBC launched a new professional level BlackBerry application, CNBC Pro. It is designed for investors around the world and offers a comprehensive suite of servies. Its choc-full of CNBC goodies like market data, live CNBC archive, analytics and much more. Key CNBC Pro Features include:

  • Real Time global market data from 100+ exchanges
  • Live CNBC TV & VOD Archive- Watch CNBC US, Europe, an Asia Pacific live programming anytime
  • Personalization- Create and track your favorite securities with access to integrated charts and live CNBC related news headlines
  • Superior Analytics- View company specific news, videos, profiles and key metrics
  • Automatic Sync- Sync your personal settings between your desktop and BlackBerry
  • Cutom Real Time Price & Exclusive CNBC Breaking News Alerts- See breaking stock market news, anyalysis and expert investment opinions
The pricing is a bit nutty at $24.99.month or $269.99/year, so unless you can justify the easy use of an all-in-one app it may be tough to justify the pricing. Full press release after the break.

More information and pricing of CNBC Pro