Cast for BlackBerry 10 updated with improved UI and better media controls


If you've using Cast for BlackBerry 10 alongside your Chromecast, you'll want to make sure you're on the latest version. The app has a new update showing in BlackBerry World and although the change log is short, it has some overall improvements to make the app experience better.

Cast for BlackBerry 10 continues to improve and add new features, v1.0.7.3 now available


One of the cool things about writing about apps all day is the fact that you often times get to see apps grow from a very basic implementation into something totally awesome. Such is the case with Cast for BlackBerry 10, which offers up the ability to cast YouTube videos from your BlackBerry 10 smartphone to your Google Chromecast and so much more. The app is on its third or fourth update now and each time the developer behind it, Tony Creswell, aims to add features based on user feedback.

This time is no different and if you're a Cast user, you should find v1.0.7.3 now available for download via BlackBerry World. The change log, while short, adds some new features to the mix that improve the overall experience of using Cast on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Whether you've been using the app previously, or been holding off until more features were added, here's what's in the latest release.