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BlackBerry World 2011 Podcast - Talking App Development with Chris Smith and Mike Kirkup of Research In Motion


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It was an action packed Monday and Tuesday in Orlando at BlackBerry World 2011, and things proved just as busy on Wednesday (lots of BB World posts in the hopper for us to get up). Following up our video look at how RIM plans to make TAT tools available to 3rd party developers, we sat down with Chris Smith and Mike Kirkup from RIM to do a deeper dive into the BlackBerry app development story.

First Look: How the technology behind TATs apps will be implemented on the PlayBook & made accessible to 3rd party developers!


Sneak Peek at the BlackBerry PlayBook NDK that will allow developers to tap into powerful effects via TAT's engine

During BlackBerry World 2011 we had the opportunity to sit down with Chris Smith, Sr. Director of the BlackBerry Development Platform, and Rasmus and Karl from the The Astonishing Tribe, to get a look at how RIM plans to utilize TAT's creativity on the PlayBook AND ALSO make the technology that enables the creativity available to 3rd party developers via the PlayBook's Native Development Kit so they too can create PlayBook apps with stellar effects in minimal time. Be sure to watch the video above to get filled in on all the details and see some basic demonstrations of how developers will be able to benefit from TAT. 

DevCon Podcast: Interview With Chris Smith, Senior Director of BlackBerry Development Platform

CrackBerry Podcast Episode 040: Best CrackBerry Podcast Ever!

The first day of the BlackBerry Developer Conference had us going from early morning till late at night, but just before the evening reception kicked off we had a chance to sit down for an interiew with Chris Smith from Research in Motion. Chris' title is Sr. Director, BlackBerry Development Platform, which means a WHOLE BUNCH of major software responsibilities fall on his plate.