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Hands-On Review of the BlackBerry Charging Pod for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


* ShopCrackBerry Update: The demand for the BlackBerry Torch Charging Pod has been so high it's been tough to keep them in stock, but a fresh supply just arrived so if you've been wanting a Torch Charging Pod today is the day! *

Hands down my all-time favorite BlackBerry accessory, the BlackBerry Torch 9800 Charging Pod is one that no Torch owner should be without. In addition to providing you with a simple way to charge your device, the charging pod also allows you to turn your device into an alarm clock and take advantage of BlackBerry's awesome bedside mode feature [see video on using bedside mode]. You can also hook the pod up to your PC or Mac and use it to sync your device as well. A truly invaluable accessory that should definitely be in your arsenal. The BlackBerry Charging Pod for the BlackBerry Torch is available at The BlackBerry Charging pod is avaiable for a lot of different device models, so if you don't have a Torch you should still grab a charging pod for your device [see all charging pods].

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BlackBerry Charging Solution Shootout

Through many years and many BlackBerry devices I have never ventured beyond the factory charger. It has always been a point of frustration that the cable included with the BlackBerry has a straight tip, yet the Micro USB connection is on the side of most devices. This makes it awkward when charging and a few times led to bent pins if the device falls from it's charging perch. There are a number of options available for charging your BlackBerry. Which charger charges the fastest? Does the type of charger make a difference regarding battery life throughout the day? Is the most expensive option the best?

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