Stop searching for a place to plug-in and charge with the $5 RAVPower mini battery pack


This small portable charger can fit in your pocket keep your phone charged to full!

The whole point of the smartphone revolution was we could carry the power of a full-blown computer in our pocket. We didn't have to make room for more stuff... until it came time to charge the battery. Then you needed a backpack just to carry all your cords and power adapters and giant, monolithic, battery packs.

Charge multiple platform devices at once with the Qmadix USB Mobile Duo kit - Enter to win!


"Like many families, mine is a multi-platform mobile device household. Thankfully there are chargers like the Qmadix USB Mobile Duo for the car that keep our batteries full."

In Short:
"I love that it'll work with any USB cable."

Should I Buy?
"There are cheaper versions out there without the cables."
Qmadix Mobile Duo

Picture a 16 hour car trip with your Blackberry device, a spouse and his iPhone 4s, two teenagers both with BlackBerry devices, iPods and gaming consoles. Now add to the mix a four year old that refuses to sit in a car for longer than 15 minutes without her DVD player on or my BlackBerry PlayBook in her hand. Usually this wouldn't be a bad thing. Everyone is occupied with a device and the car ride is pretty peaceful. The problem starts when devices start the low battery warning all at the same time and my SUV only has 3 power outlets. Welcome to my personal nightmare. The husband and I fight over who charges their phone first, one teenager and the four year old bicker because to charge his devices he'd have to unplug her DVD player and one teenager in the back enjoying an outlet all to herself. Keep reading for the review.