CES 2010

So What Was My Final Takeaway From CES 2010? That Sin City RUNS on BlackBerry Smartphones!


Sin City Runs on BlackBerry Smartphones

So we're finally done with our CES 2010 coverage. The show is long-since over and it took us a week and a half to get up on the blogs all of the content we flew away from Vegas with. In case you missed any of the news or hands-on videos, be sure to check out our CES 2010 posts and get caught up... I suggest you start with this Ed Hardy video I recorded - it was the first vid I captured at the event and despite trying my darndest, I don't think I topped it for the rest of the show.

CrackBerry Podcast 045: CES 2010, BBM Fail Story and More!


CrackBerry Podcast: 2009 End of Year Special!

Project 2010 is in full effect! We said we'd be doing our CrackBerry podcast every two weeks come the new year and we're now officially 1/1! We plan to record every second Thursday at ~11am EST. We figure this a good time - most of the week's BIG news is done, and this way you'll be able to listen on a slow Thursday afternoon or have it for the Thursday/Friday commutes. From time to time we may even record weekly, but at the least you'll be hearing some CrackBerry Radio action twice per month.

CES 2010: BlackBerry Presenter Live Demo


CES 2010: Thumbplay Unveils New Music App for BlackBerry Smartphones - Sign Up for the Private Beta


Back in August we blogged about Thumbplay's new BlackBerry Music Store app that appeared in App World. That first app was essentially an mp3 music store for BlackBerry, and while it was a nice clean and functional application, it was really a beta for Thumbplay and actually is no longer in App World. However, at CES 2010 last week Thumbplay unveiled the BlackBerry Private Beta for their new Unlimited Music App, which to me looks like a pretty compelling offer for music lovers. Be sure to check out the video above for a walk-through demo and the official press release below.

Essentially, for $9.99/month, you'll gain access on both your computer and smartphone to Thumbplay's massive database (millions of songs & growing). You don't "own" the songs, but can create your own playlists and stream whatever you want to listen to whenever you want to. You can also take advantage of autoplaylists, or if you want to own a particular song you can buy it at anytime directly. Be sure to check out the full details below - there's wireless syncing of playlists and a number of other features.

The official release should be soon, but if you want to try and get in early you can apply for the private beta at music.thumbplay.com. I'm always surprised at how many similar yet different models of streaming music are now available out there. I think this is one of the pricier of the bunch (Rhapsody is more at $14.99/mo), but also seems to be one of the most complete in terms of what you get - basically every song you can possibly want to listen to, on demand. Not bad! So what do you think? Sound off in the comments!