Learn how Certicom ensures security as cars become more autonomous


If you're looking to learn more about how Certicom is ensuring security as cars become more autonomous, the BlackBerry subsidiary will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday, August 23rd covering the three aspects of security for the software-defined car.

QNX and Certicom look to enhance automotive security together


QNX and Certicom partner for better automotive security

Coming from the TU-Automotive show in Detroit, QNX has announced a new partnership with Certicom in an effort to enhance automotive security. Both companies are subsidaries of BlackBerry, and while QNX focuses on the software distribution, Certicom's focus is on the protection of the content, applications, and devices.

BlackBerry subsidiary Certicom launches managed certificate service for IoT devices


BlackBerry log

Blackberry's security software subsidiary Certicom has launched what they are calling a "new managed public key infrastructure certificate service" designed specifically for "Internet of Things" connected devices for business and enterprise customers.