CrackBerry Asks: Do you use the camera icon on BlackBerry 10?


Last week we asked how many of you use the Text Messages icon on BlackBerry 10 and today we're running down the same line with another pop quiz. I realized the other day that I've really never used the actual camera icon on either my Z10 or Q10. I have it buried in my media folder and have kept it there since the start. When I want to snap a photo I just tap the quick icon on the homescreen to open up the camera. 

No more bumping into people while you walk and type with TextNGo for BlackBerry 10


I think it's safe to say that most BlackBerry users are rather keen to send or respond to messages as soon as possible - even if walking, and that's where TextNGo may come in useful. Essentially that is what the app is designed for - to allow you to see where you are going even if typing a message on your BlackBerry 10 phone.

Top 10 camera tips for BlackBerry 10


BlackBerry Z10 camera

BlackBerry 10 is jam-packed with software functions to make the most of your your Z10's camera. TimeShift, the built-in Story Maker, and the finely tuned still image editing tools are but the tip of the iceberg, though.

A few practical usage tips will go a long way to making snaps their best. The BlackBerry 10 camera isn't too shabby if you know how to use it, all it takes is a little know-how.

Read on for our top ten camera tips for BlackBerry 10!

Feature Focus: BlackBerry Z10 camera


The camera on the BlackBerry Z10 has been a point of contention among many reviewers, so we thought it prudent to take a closer look at the quality of pictures it takes and the software features available. We already touched on the broad strokes in our BlackBerry Z10 review, but just to recap...

RIM looks to prevent sneaky camera shots with new patent


Bold 9900 Camera

Get a closer look at the BlackBerry 10 camera


One of the things that we here at CrackBerry are looking forward to in the upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices is the time-shift camera. For me, when I look back at many of my home photos, I am the one notorious for having my eyes closed all the time or not having the most pleasing facial expressions. So, when I saw this feature, I was happy that eventually I could have decent photos taken or at the very least, have my eyes open.

10 Weeks of BlackBerry 10: The Time Shift Camera


BlackBerry 10 Camera

Starting this week we have just about ten more weeks until the big BlackBerry 10 event at the end of January. What better way to celebrate the countdown than throw out one of the features we're most looking forward too each week? While there are waaayy more than ten features we're excited about, we do have a short list of big ones that get us the most ramped up. 

This week we'll start with a simple one that should have most BlackBerry users pretty excited -- the camera. Historically BlackBerry cameras haven't been the greatest. The most recent flop was the EDOF camera on the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930. This little guy was pretty crappy overall when trying to grab a good shot (more so close up than far away). Thankfully the days of bad BlackBerry cameras are over with BlackBerry 10.

Ten things my BlackBerry smartphone has replaced


Ten things BlackBerry has replaced

I got into a conversation with my mother-in-law a few nights ago about how as kids, we used to play outside whenever we had the chance. Over the summer I'd be out right after breakfast, only coming home to eat dinner, then go back out as long as there was daylight. Not anymore. Kids (mine included) since inside all day watching TV or playing video games. Mine dreads the thought of having to play outside.

As we sat and talked, I had my BlackBerry in hand. I looked at it a bit and realized just how many items from my youth it had replaced. I no longer had scattered items around to get through my day, just this one tool that has everything I need. While there are countless ways a BlackBerry (or smartphone in general) has changed daily life for users, in honor of BlackBerry 10, I've compiled a list of the top ten items my BlackBerry has replaced.