BBM cupcakes and a BlackBerry PlayBook cake look sweet!

BBM Cupcakes

You know we're suckers for BlackBerry themed cakes at CrackBerry, and we've posted several before. Usually we see birthday cakes in the form of the user's favorite or current device, but today we have cupcakes! And not just any cupcakes, but BBM themed cupcakes! They look incredible with emoticon faces recreated on each one perfectly.

Hit the break for another shot, as well as a yummy looking BlackBerry PlayBook cake, and check out the Flickr gallery at the link below for a few more cakes. Thanks for posting this in the forums FMB8900!

More BlackBerry themed cakes at Flickr

CrackBerry reader Otton gets a sweet BlackBerry cake for his birthday!

Otton's BlackBerry cake

CrackBerry member Otton sent in pictures of the BlackBerry cake that he received for his June birthday from his girlfriend Malena. Modeled after his BlackBerry Bold 9700, it really shows just how addicted he is to his BlackBerry. This style is a bit more subdued than some we've seen in the past, but it's unmistakably a BlackBerry and looks awesome! I hope it tasted as good as it looked. Happy birthday Otton! 

A couple more pictures can be seen after the break.

CrackBerry Idol's Shankeith BlackBerry Birthday Cake – It's a Bold 9900!


Shankeith's cakes 

Awhile back Kevin said that birthday cakes are the determining factor in a smartphones' popularity. Here we are a couple years later and the popularity is as strong as ever. I must say there are some pretty talented, gifted, and devoted people out there as seen in the BlackBerry Cake Roundup Part I and Part II.

Continuing this tradition is none other than our very own CB Idol contestant Shankeith who decided for his birthday last month to create a cake in the spitting image of the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900. Working with pre-release photos and his own BlackBerry Bold 9000, Shankeith and the folks over at Mellycakes in Toronto worked hard to create what you see pictured. The end result is amazing. I am absolutely blown away by the attention to detail especially with the BBM screen and the keyboard. Just try and look at it without doing a double take. Happy Birthday Shankeith!

Do you have a BlackBerry confectionery masterpiece to share? Grab a camera and send us the picture at editorial (at)

Tasty - BlackBerry Storm Cake


BlackBerry Storm Birthday Cake

How do you judge the popularity of a smartphone brand? Some would say unit sales or media mentions are appropriate metrics to follow, but I'd argue it's the number of birthday cakes made in honor of said brand that is the true determining factor. And on the birthday cake front, BlackBerry is doing just fine.

Following up on our BlackBerry birthday cake round-ups Part I and Part II, this past weekend CrackBerry member righthero was treated to an awesome BlackBerry Storm cake made for him by his equally awesome wife! You can find another picture after the jump and several more in the forums. Looks tasty too! Happy Birthday righthero!

BlackBerry Cake Roundup Part Deux + Ice Sculpture


BlackBerry Curve 8900 Ice Sculpture

Following up on last week's BlackBerry Cake Roundup, after the break we have THREE MORE BlackBerry Cakes for all you sweet tooth CrackBerry Addicts to drool over. Before we get to the Icing on the Cake, take a gander at the BlackBerry Curve 8900 ice sculpture above that's on display at Ottawa's Winterlude Festival. Screw building snowmen... I want one of those in my front yard!

BlackBerry Cake Roundup!!


BlackBerry Cake Roundup