British woman writes a novel on her BlackBerry and gets a publishing deal!



This story isn't the first we have heard of an author writing a book on their trusty BlackBerry, but it's inspiring nonetheless. After a bet with her daughter, Georgina Campbell managed to knock out a whopping 55,600 words on her BlackBerry keyboard and for her effort has gotten herself a publishing deal, which is not an easy feat.

The novel, titled 'The Kickdown Girls', revolves around a group of girls growing up in South London. Georgina was inspired after watching the movie 'Attack The Block' and wasn't very impressed with the script, so mother and daughter decided they would challenge each other to do better.

Review: Harold and the Purple Crayon for the BlackBerry PlayBook


"Rocks on my device. Cute book my kid will completely enjoy." - snomin App World review

Harold and the Purple Crayon was originally a children’s book from 1955 by Crockett Johnson. It was Harold’s first adventure in a series of 9 books. The idea behind Harold and the Purple Crayon is Harold, 4 year old, has a…wait for it……..purple crayon. Didn’t see that coming, did you? He uses it, and his imagination, to create a fantastic new world. My memory isn’t the greatest, but I’m pretty sure I read this book when I was a wee lad, or it was at least read to me.

My son loves it when I read a story for him every night; he also loves my BlackBerry PlayBook. Marmalade brought the two together with Harold and the Purple Crayon interactive story. The application was recently the AppCircus Winner at BlackBerry DevCon Europe. The story comes to life with crisp animation, playful music and friendly narration. If they keep this up, I may be out of a reading gig.

Pro footballer Richard Lee writes autobiography on a BlackBerry Bold

Richard Lee autobiography
We all have our own reasons for sticking with BlackBerry, and one that we hear time and again is the indispensable keyboard. A lot of converts to other platforms brush it aside, saying keyboards are overrated and out-of-style, but then a story like this pops up and reconfirms just how much we rely on those smooth QWERTY keys.

Richard Lee is a professional English footballer currently playing for Brentford as goalkeeper. There came a point in his career where he considered quitting altogether, but instead he chose to fight for his place on the team and ended up writing a book about the challenges he faced. What's unique about Richard's book, is that all 50,000 words were written on his BlackBerry Bold. In a recent interview, Richard revealed that he actually started out writing a blog for his website, but before long was 10,000 words in and had a lot more to say. You can read an excerpt from the interview after the break, where Richard goes into further detail about why he wrote the book on his BlackBerry, and why he chose that over a different type of phone. (Spoiler: It's the keyboard!)

This isn't the first time a book has been written on a BlackBerry. CrackBerry member Jessica Meigs wrote a novel on her BlackBerry as well, and even paid tribute to Kevin in the story, naming a virus after him. You can find out more about Jessica and her zombie horror series The Becoming on her blog,

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BlackBerry PlayBook Companion Book

Styles P writes his debut novel 'Invincible' on his BlackBerry

Styles P writes his debut novel 'Invincible' on his BlackBerry

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It was back in late 2008 when we first announced the availability of our self-published definitive guide to BlackBerry addiction - CrackBerry: True Tales of BlackBerry Use and Abuse.

Calling All Developers: New Book From APress Will Get You Building Awesome Games for BlackBerry


Learn BlackBerry Games Development

The good folks at Apress just let us know about a new book they have released called Learn BlackBerry Games Development. Written by expert software game developers Andrew Davison and Carol Hamer, the book shows you how to leverage the BlackBerry Java Development Environment to design and create fun and awesome games for BlackBerry Smartphones.

As a certified BlackBerry Addict and Fearless Leader of CrackBerry Nation, on behalf of BlackBerry owners everywhere our message to all the developers out there is GO BUY THIS BOOK. We need to see more good games available for BlackBerry. Press release below and click here for more details.

Last thought... I'm not quite sure why they put raspberries on the book cover instead of blackberries... but it works. Kinda hungry just looking at it. :) 

BlackBerry Books That Will Help You Get BlackBerry Smart


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* Update - to those in the comments asking for it, I posted the link to the straight .pdf version. *