Type and Go style actions heading to BlackBerry Z10 with BlackBerry 10.1 update


As time passes, we're gradually beginning to learn more and more about the BlackBerry Q10, such as the new Type and Go feature that Vivek Bhardwaj kindly demonstrated for us. As a souped up version of Universal Search, Type and Go brings actions to key words typed onto the Q10. It's a fantastic feature, and sure to excite the heavy communicators among us.

Photo Gallery: Team Mercedes 2013 Formula 1 car with BlackBerry branding


BlackBerry Mercedes Formula 1

The #TEAMBLACKBERRY hash tag was given a little extra meaning this morning with the announcement that BlackBerry is now the official technology partner and sponsor of Mercedes 2013 Formula 1 car. BlackBerry officially involved with a Formula 1 team is something I've been wanting to see for literally years. With BlackBerry 10 hitting the market globally, and Formula 1's reputation for engineering, innovation and speed, it's the perfect venue with which to associate the BlackBerry brand.

For the all the details on the new BlackBerry / Mercedes partnership, hit up the press release we posted earlier. And to feast your eyes on all the BlackBerry goodness that will grace the Mercedes F1 W04, the drivers, crew and even the timing board, scroll down.

I'm especially loving the driver's uniform. If anybody out there is reading this and knows how to get their hands on one, send it down to CrackBerry HQ. I'll proudly wear it all day while writing. I bet wearing it would make me type up articles like this even faster. 

CrackBerry readers get some BlackBerry love


Waterloo buildings start getting new BlackBerry branding!


T-Mobile confirms they will carry the all new BlackBerry Z10

T-Mobile BlackBerry Z10

Rogers, Telus, Bell, and others confirm February 5th availability for the BlackBerry Z10


There you have it Canada, BlackBerry has announced the Canadian carriers for the launch of the all new BlackBerry 10 powered, BlackBerry Z10. All the major Canadian carriers including Rogers, TELUS, Bell, Koodo, Fido, Sasktel and many others have confirmed that they will have the BlackBerry Z10 available on February 5th. If you’re looking to get a head start most of these carriers will also be offering preorders starting today. Continue reading for links to the various Canadian carriers.

Alicia Keys is the new Global Creative Director at BlackBerry


Alicia Keys

In a totally surprising move, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins announced a new position in the company today while on stage unveiling BlackBerry 10. The new Global Creative Director role at BlackBerry will be filled by none other than Grammy winner Alicia Keys. In her new role, Mrs. Keys will be talking with carriers and other partners about BlackBerry and taking things to a whole new level. Awesome to have such a big name on board and we hope that there are plenty of good things to come from it.

Research In Motion rebranded to BlackBerry

Thorsten Heins has just announced on stage at the BlackBerry 10 launch event that Research In Motion will now be called simply BlackBerry.

One brand, one promise. -Thorsten Heins

Re-designed, Re-engineered, Re-invented. Awesome! Full press release below.

Plants vz. Zombies now available to download for BlackBerry smartphones



PlayBook owners are probably already familiar with Plants Vs. Zombies as it has been around for some time now and offers a great gaming experience. The game has now made its way to BlackBerry smartphones and although it will never be as good to play as on the tablet or when (if) we have it on BlackBerry 10, it will cure your Zombie needs if you so desire.

How to follow the CrackBerry team on social networks

Who to follow

With the launch of BlackBerry 10 as well as the site redesign right around the corner, you'll want to make sure you're following the whole CrackBerry team. Whether it be on Twitter, Instagram, Google+, or Facebook, there is always one of us around to help you get the most out of your BlackBerry smartphone or tablet. Of course, you'll always want to check out the CrackBerry Forums for help on any topic.

We've taken the time to compile a list of everyone on the team and the many of the social networks that they are affiliated with.Be sure you follow all of us because things are about to get crazy here at CrackBerry in the next few weeks and this is the quickest way to get all the breaking news - besides just refreshing the home page of course. Keep reading for the who's-who of CrackBerry.