BlackBerry Z15

Will the A-Series go to market as the BlackBerry A10, Z15 or something different?


BlackBerry A10, Z15 or ??

BlackBerry names - it's always been a fun guessing game. With the older BlackBerry OS phones, over the years the system for naming new models became a bit of a fragmented mess - Bold, Curve, Pearl, Storm, Torch, Tour, Style became brand families and a bunch of model number designations followed the family name. Sometimes the name and model number progression made "sense." Sometimes, they didn't. While knowledgeable CrackBerry readers always knew what model they owned, more often than not I would notice BlackBerry owners would just refer to their device as their "BlackBerry", or maybe something as descriptive as "the new Bold." BlackBerry Bold 9780? Not so much... by that point it was just starting to get a bit too much more most.

With BlackBerry 10 phones to date, we've witnessed an attempt to simplify the naming of the devices, keeping the focus on the BlackBerry name, while combining the brand family and model into one. BlackBerry Z10. BlackBerry Q10. BlackBerry Q5. BlackBerry Z represents the high end touchscreen line, while Q stands for Qwerty.