BlackBerry Z10 cases

The top cases for the BlackBerry Z10


With all of the BlackBerry cases currently available on the market and the range that they encompass, it is quite a challenge choosing the right one for you. There are those that are geared for style, ones aimed solely at protection, and others which are a balance of both. As someone who is addicted to cases and abhors the thought of using my device naked, I’ve gone through more than my fair share.

For me the best cases are the ones that offer full protection from accidents, wear and tear, and spills. If you are looking for an accessory to shield your precious BlackBerry Z10 from the grind of daily use, here are our top selections.  

Story Napa Leather Holster Case for the BlackBerry Z10


For the past few years I’ve mainly opted to go with a leather holster to carry around my BlackBerry device when out and about — I just preferred that as opposed to putting it in my pocket. I realize I may be in the minority with this, especially being female, but it just feels more convenient to use it sometimes. I’ll occasionally use a case but for the most part I’ll carry my phone around in the holster (although I do find the BlackBerry Z30 a bit to big to put into a holster). When the opportunity arose to try out the Story Napa Leather Holster belt case for the BlackBerry Z10 I thought I’d give it a try and see how much it would differ to a swivel holster that I normally use.

Win a CrackBerry Crunk Case for your BlackBerry Z10 or Q10!


Having a case crisis? Not sure just which case is your favorite? Let us help you out.

The CrackBerry Crunk Case is your new favorite, and that's that. Our CrackBerry-branded Crunk case is a flexible skin that not only looks great but also gives you good protection for your BlackBerry Z10 or Q10. The case goes on easy and holds tight, keeping your device protected from those bumps and bruises of the daily grind. 

BlackBerry Z10 case concept lets you see your notifications and LED


We see plenty of cool BlackBerry cases come to fruition, but on the same note there are equally as many that never see the light of day. One such concept that I would love to see hit the street is an awesome "peek holster" design for the BlackBerry Z10

Steve Purvey, a design intern for BlackBerry UK, has come up with this awesome holster design that not only lets you see the LED with the case on, but also has a side cutout so you can view your notifications without removing the case. You can keep the case on your Z10 and just tap the lock button to view notifications - it's as simple as that. 

BlackBerry Accessory Roundup - Enter to win a Z10 case of your choice!


The BlackBerry Z10 is selling strongly and users all over the globe are getting in on the BlackBerry 10 action. No matter if you've picked one up already or are still waiting to make the switch, you've most likely contemplated some new accessories at some point. Thankfully we've go you covered there as we already have a load of new Z10 accessories in stock and get more every day.

Most users start with a case to get the accessory ball rolling, so we figured it was time to fire up another contest and give one lucky winner a brand new Z10 case of choice. We have plenty to choose from including the BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell, OtterBox Defender and of course the amazing CrackBerry Crunk Case.

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Keep your BlackBerry Z10 safe on the go with the Seidio Active case


The Seidio Active case for the BlackBerry Z10 is a case that does its job well. It features a two-piece design that ensures your Z10 will remain safe from even the toughest falls. When I put a case on my devices, I always look for good "corner coverage" and the Seidio Active certainly fits the bill there.

Keep things simple with the Poetic Borderline Case for the BlackBerry Z10


When it comes to cases for your BlackBerry Z10, you can go big, bigger or biggest depending on your needs. Some users want full-out protection for hardcore environments while others just need something to protect from those accidental drops.

Others want to keep things as minimal as possible and for that comes the Poetic Borderline Case for the BlackBerry Z10.

Accessory Roundup - Enter to win a case for your BlackBerry Z10!


The BlackBerry Z10 is getting into more and more hands by the day, so that means more and more users that need some new Z10 accessories. Luckily we have all the latest cases, headsets, batteries, chargers and more available for the Z10 at ShopCrackBerry. 

We've been burning the CrackBerry oil to crank out reviews for loads of our favorite products ranging from the BlackBerry Z10 Battery Charger Bundle to the Mobi Products Soft Shell case

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Keep reading for you chance to win a new BlackBerry Z10 case of your choice!

BlackBerry Flip Shell Case brings smart protection to the BlackBerry Z10


The BlackBerry Flip Shell Case for the BlackBerry Z10 offers a happy balance of protection and functionality. Like the Transform Shell for the Z10, the Flip Shell has the ability to turn into a handy multimedia kickstand for the Z10, but in comparison to the Transform Shell provides more protection on all sides. The magnetic flip closure also helps to preserve battery life by putting the Z10's display to sleep when closed and saves a swipe by automatically powering up and unlocking the display when opened.