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13,000 developers make use of the iSpeech platform, should you?



How many of you rely on applications that use voice recognition or text to speech technology? It’s pretty safe to say that most of you do, and with good reason. I see a lot more people use their voice to ask their phones to find something for them or to help them manage their messages. Especially with the ever increasing, but necessary, hands-free regulations while driving, you need to make sure that you can safely operate the car and your smartphone at the same time. You may have heard of the company known as iSpeech inc, which is one of the leading providers of such technology. If you haven’t, you may recognize one of their most popular applications which reads incoming messages for you and allows you connect with the sender through a message or a phone call.

Recently, iSpeech announced that it now has 13k developers using the mobile speech platform, making them the largest mobile speech developer user-base. They’ve also released updates to their Web API and SDKs, in order to provide faster and a more reliable performance. iSpeech has gone as far as announcing that they’re also releasing a “Siri-like” speech recognition model, that allows them to recognize almost any question, or anything people would ever ask Siri. We’re already being used in a few major Siri competitors, such as SpeaktoIt (which is hopefully coming to the BlackBerry platform soon). According to iSpeech, as of now, there are only two companies who can do this, iSpeech and Nuance. iSpeech technology is also being used by companies such as Telenav. As time goes on, I can see a huge increase in applications that make use of voice recognition technology; think of the ease of use you’d see when composing a tweet or following a recipe. Which apps would like to see make use of this technology? What are you using now?

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Promote safe(r) driving with these BlackBerry voice dictation apps!

don't text and drive

Chances are, you have been hit with the dreaded cell phone ban. That means keep your friggin’ hands off of your mobile device while driving. I shouldn’t say dreaded, as it is a good thing. It will hopefully keep the roads safer, allowing you to stay alive long enough to check in at more venues on FourSquare. Now if only they could enforce a “stop putting on your makeup in the mirror” or “quit trying to juggle a coffee and an egg McMuffin” ban as well; the road would be close to accident free. Well, except for the “hey dude, stop rubber necking and stop gawking at the girl walking down the street” drivers.

Now this doesn’t mean that you have to completely neglect your BlackBerry. Oh no, it just means you have to get creative with the way you use it. I present to you the CrackBerry Guide to Voice to Text applications. We’ll have a look at the best ways you can still keep in touch, while minimizing getting busted by the fuzz. While these apps are designed to reduce hands-on BlackBerry use and abuse, the developers and we at CrackBerry take no responsibility if you get caught and slapped with a fine. If you are driving, pull over and have a quick read.