BlackBerry Unite

Should BlackBerry bring back Unite as a multi-platform management tool?


Parental Controls

Several years ago BlackBerry started a secret project to bring BES-like features to families. This was way back when the iPhone didn't even have copy and paste yet, the iPad didn't exist and Android had next to no market share. BlackBerry was still king of the smartphone world so the idea of going cross-platform wasn't terribly important yet.

BlackBerry Unite offered families a way to install software on a PC and benefit from a shared contact list and calendar, photo and file sharing and user management. Parents could also act as system administrators. There was a lot of potential behind the product and although it was executed well from a software perspective, the marketing was non-existent.

The project was shut down.

Getting Up and Running with BlackBerry Unite! at your Home or Office

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As many you of you know, with BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Thunder (Storm), Research In Motion has been moving full speed ahead into the retail consumer space trying to win market shares. Along with BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry Bold, and the BlackBerry Thunder (Storm), BlackBerry Unite! is part of retail consumer strategy to win you over.

What is BlackBerry Unite! ? Basically it is a dumb down version of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). Like the BES, BlackBerry Unite! lets you monitor user usage; for instance, you can see who your daughter is call and how often. Or you can see what URL your top sales guy is browsing and maybe block certain website. In addition to the "control freak" features, you can also share calendar, address book, and best of all, file sharing.

In today's lesson, we will take you one step at a time into how to install BlackBerry Unite! and how to get up and running with user setup with BlackBerry Unite!