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BlackBerry ownership still ahead of Windows Phone for UK consumers


Vodafone UK offers up 4G to its Sure Signal business users



In the UK the Vodafone Sure Signal is nothing new, but adding 4G LTE to it sure is. The carrier has recently announced that it will be offering the Sure Signal Premium Service to medium and large businesses who need the best connection possible when in an indoors environment. With Vodafone selling a range of 4G BlackBerry 10 devices this could well be very popular. 

BlackBerry UK take the Z10 on tour


Z10 on tour

Here in the UK, BlackBerry are in full swing with their Z10 marketing, but the next few weeks will see them step things up a notch as the Z10 is going on tour. BlackBerry will be setting up stands in a selection of shopping centres (malls) up and down the country in a bid to show off the wonderful new Z10 and generate some extra interest from shoppers. And who can blame them as BlackBerry 10 is so beautiful.

Enter now to win a gold BlackBerry Bold 9900 from BlackBerry UK!


Gold Bold 9900

If you want to get your hands on a very limited edition Gold BlackBerry Bold 9900, you only have a few hours left. BlackBerry UK is giving away this sweet device, and all you have to do it tweet them a photo of your "golden moment" to be entered to win.

BlackBerry UK teases the gold BlackBerry Bold 9900


A few days ago we told you how South Africa's Olympic gold medal winners were receving a custom gold BlackBerry Bold 9900.

Well it looks like they may not be the only ones with the gold. BlackBerry UK has posted the above video that teases the very same device (at least we think it is) and it looks like they may be offering up one (or more) for the taking.

Live and Lost with BlackBerry? Chances of survival are good


BlackBerry UK giving away 10 PlayBooks in prize draw!


BlackBerry PlayBook Contest

Are you BlackBerry UK’s biggest fan? You could win a Torch 9800!


BlackBerry UK biggest fan

BlackBerry UK is holding a competition to find their biggest fan. If chosen as the biggest fan, you can bag yourself a BlackBerry Torch 9800 as well as be featured on their Facebook page.