BlackBerry Q30

Case manufacturers already preparing for the Q30 / Windermere


Although it remains to be seen what, if anything, will become of the alleged BlackBerry Q30 / Windermere, case manufacturers are already getting started on making cases for the device it seems. It's a pretty common practice in the case world, you somehow end up getting the dimensions of a device before official release and you build a ton of cases for it making you the first to market with your offerings.

BlackBerry Q30 - I wouldn't mind one bit if this was it


Over the past few weeks we've seen a ton of concept devices appear in our forums. So many in fact, we eventually had to give them their own forum not only because there has been so many of them but because people were getting the concept devices mixed up and thinking they were real device leaks and you know, I can see why. To this day, we still get emails asking when the BlackBerry Blade will be released and that's most certainly not even a real device, though it does have its own site now.