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FYI: Important BlackBerry Protect update for BlackBerry 10.3.2 users


Important BlackBerry Protect update for BlackBerry 10.3.2 users

Here's a little bit of an FYI for anyone out there who might be running the BlackBerry 10.3.2 beta but are not actually part of the beta program. BlackBerry has just sent out an email highlighting an important update happening with BlackBerry Protect that will affect ALL BlackBerry 10.3.2 users whether you're in the beta officially or you used the leaked files to get it installed. If you used the leaked files, then chances are you never got the email so here's what you need to be aware of.

Smartphone thefts are on the increase - protect your BlackBerry!


It's sad to see, but not surprisingly that smartphone thefts are on the up. As more and more people can now affordably switch from a feature phone to a smartphone it's only logical that thefts will increase unfortunately. 

How to find a lost BlackBerry


BlackBerry Protect

This week is security week for Talk Mobile, and today’s focus has been on locking down your device. BlackBerry Protect is a fantastic tool that has been baked into BB10, and will be familiar to many older BlackBerry owners. The personal security suite provides everything you need to find your phone’s GPS location, lock the screen, have it ring, or even wipe everything from its memory. You can get the full run-down of BlackBerry Protect over here.

We want to zoom in on simply finding your lost BlackBerry. Maybe you forgot it the bar or the train, or wherever else. Here’s what you’ve got to do to get it back.

Using BlackBerry Protect on BlackBerry 10


BlackBerry Protect is a utility that lives in the background, humming away quietly, and for the most part it’s something you don’t really think about - until you need it.

Protect gives users the ability to remotely lock, wipe, beep, and locate their BlackBerry device, and in BlackBerry 10, it’s baked right into the system settings.

It also acts as a back-up utility, ensuring that you can always get your personal information back even when the worst happens to your BlackBerry Z10.

BlackBerry Protect updated, bringing some new features and fixes


BB Protect

One of my most valued apps on my BlackBerry has received an update today. BlackBerry Protect version is now available to download from App World. 

The update brings the following features and fixes to the app:

How to use BlackBerry Protect on the web


Joseph’s most-used BlackBerry apps of 2011


2011 Most used apps on my BlackBerry

There are but a few days left in 2011; what better time to share with you my most-used apps of 2011 than now. I love my BlackBerry Smartphone for the communication tool that it is. I have one or two games installed on my device, but that's not what I spend the majority of my BlackBerry time doing. The messages app and browser give me quick access to the world at-large, but there are several other apps that truely keep me connected and organized. Head on past the break for the full list.

Mea Culpa. My faith restored in BlackBerry Protect


BlackBerry Protect Restored to Greatness 

BlackBerry Protect is an app designed to rescue irreplaceable data from your BlackBerry Smartphone. It isn't designed to be used as a standalone device switch product. Its intended purpose is be used more as a last result to recover data from a lost or stolen smartphone (and then destroy the data on that phone). Not too long ago, I tried to emulate this situation, completing a backup on my BlackBerry Torch 9800 and trying to restore that data on my new BlackBerry Torch 9860. When it failed to retrieve the vast majority of my contacts, I was understandably disappointed. So, too, was RIM.

After the article ran, Research In Motion reached out to me to try and figure out just what had happened. I sent them some information about my phones, and they promised to get back to me. On Thursday, they did just that. Two product managers from the company walked me through exactly what happened.

The whole situation reminds me of an issue my sister had with transferring the license plate from one car to the other. It was a complicated situation involving a lease buy-out, a car sold, and a car bought. Things didn't go right, and the tax office tried to charge her double the amount she owed. The leasing company completed its paperwork properly, my sister completed her paperwork properly, and the car dealership completed its paperwork properly. No one did anything incorrectly, yet things still went wrong. And that, my readers, is what happened with BlackBerry Protect. 

Et tu, BlackBerry Protect? The terrible saga of a device switch fiasco


La Mort de César (by BlackBerry Protect) 

I have been betrayed! The BlackBerry Protect application that I have lauded and recommended time and time again has - in my eyes - failed me. But let me back up a little (and turn the melodrama dial down from eleven).

The other day, I finally joined the OS7 masses, getting a brand new BlackBerry Torch 9860 (I really liked the CDMA version of the phone). I know, I know, I'm a little late to the game; but in my defense, so was my carrier. Anyway, whenever I do something on my BlackBerry I try to figure out how to turn it into an article. This article was going to be titled, "How lazy do you want to be? Switching devices using BlackBerry Protect." Sadly, this is not that article.

Now obviously, I wasn't expecting miracles. The BlackBerry Protect application only grabs a small portion of the data on your BlackBerry: contacts, calendars, SMS text messages, memos, and browser bookmarks. But between that service and the nearly ubiquitous BlackBerry ID, I figured it would be an easy transition to a new phone - no BlackBerry Desktop Software required. I was wrong.