BlackBerry PlayBook Stylus

SGP Kuel H12 Stylus Review


"A beautiful stylus that provides great quality and control for an affordable price"

In Short:
"The Kuel H12 may be the best stylus that you can purchase for the money."

Should I Buy?
"If you have the need for a stylus in your life, the Kuel H12 is something you will want to look at for notes, maybe not so much for drawing."

Kuel H12 Review

Let that tired finger rest, the SGP Kuel H12 wants to be your writing and drawing buddy on your BlackBerry PlayBook.

Odds are by now you have found a gazillion uses for your BlackBerry PlayBook from playing games to taking notes, drawing pictures, navigating the web and much more. One common thing about everything you are doing on your beloved BlackBerry PlayBook is the fact that you need to use your finger to get to it, to navigate it and that is not easy for everyone. Whether you have long nails, large fingers, sweaty finger tips, or just prefer not to see all the fingerprints all the time, you are likely looking for a new solution. 

Meet the stylus, and in this case the SGP Kuel H12, your finger replacement that does more than just replace, in fact it is likely to change the way you use the device. Playing a game of Sketch with Friends, or making some edits in SumoPaint Air and want a little more control of how things are done on the device? Let's hit the break together and check out how the SGP Kuel H12 stylus can improve your experience, and how it rates overall.