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BlackBerry 10 L-series lines up against Samsung Galaxy Note, Nokia Lumia 820 and iPhone 5


BlackBerry 10 L-series lines up against Samsung Galaxy Note II, Nokia Lumia 920 and iPhone 5

As we get closer to the BlackBerry 10 launch, we are seeing the BlackBerry 10 L-series device make more and more camera appearances, the most recent being two days ago. Sometimes I feel like I can get enough of these pictures, while other times I think I've had enough as I just want it in my hands now and these pictures aren't helping. However, today, we see another picture of the L-series device and this one makes me all warm inside. We see it line up next to a Samsung Galaxy Note, Nokia Lumia 820 and an iPhone 5.

Fresh BlackBerry 10 L-Series images leak, check out the full monty including new icons!


BlackBerry 10 L-Series

Although they're not the greatest pics visually, they're still mighty pretty to look at. Yes, the BlackBerry 10 L-Series device has leaked yet again and this time around, there is very little left to the imagination. Like previous leaks, there is no telling how old the images are but given the device is showing the new BlackBerry 10 icons on there it's safe to say they are indeed fairly recent. Especially with the voice control now in place. If you're looking for more, jump below to have a look at the whole set. As always, sound off in the comments or in the CrackBerry forums thread with your thoughts on the images.

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BlackBerry 10 L-Series gets a early hands-on teardown

BlackBerry 10 L-Series teardown

We've not yet seen the RIM's latest devices get an official announcement yet, despite that fact we're now getting a look at some of the devices internals thanks to a purported early hands-on teardown. The device being tore down, is no doubt that same as the devices we've seen in previous images and videos and to go along with it, there is some commentary from those who tore it down over at BisVN though, some of the info is a bit off from what we know already:

  • Full capacitive touch-screen, we were informed that the keyboard version would most likely come out a month after.
  • Dual core processor with an pristine IPS display
  • Two colors: white + black. The white looks awesome, way better than the iPhone 5 which I am currently testing.
  • Front camera with video chat feature like team view. Besides being able to see each other through the front camera, it can also show the screen of the person you are talking too.
  • Camera with auto-focus can take pictures at the speed of 1shot/second, then you can choose the best one.
  • Time view function. For 1 picture, it could save up to 10 facial expressions of any person, they you can scroll back and forth to view and choose the best one. 

Overall, there isn't anything surprising in the commentary of the teardown but as noted in CrackBerry forums, they'll be updating with more information shortly. For now, you can jump below to see some more images of the device toredown.

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BlackBerry L-Series appears on camera once again, looking mighty fine

BlackBerry 10

We've seen some BlackBerry L-Series leaks in the past but a new set of images are now making their rounds. Like the other leaks, it's hard to say how final the hardware is here but the devices are still carrying the serial numbers and such indicating they're certainly still test units.

While not a whole lot is revealed, you can see the battery door and where the NFC contacts appear to be like on current BlackBerry smartphones. Again, not a whole lot can be taken from the photos but we're only mere days away from BlackBerry Jam Americas where we're hoping RIM will share some more details. You can catch one more shot below.

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Source: BlackBerryItalia; Thanks, ad19!

New battery and homescreen for upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices spotted


Just in case you been wondering what type of batteries the new BlackBerry 10 devices will be making use of, we're now getting a glimpse of them. A new blurry-cam video has appeared showing off how to go ahead and insert one exactly and is noted to be packing 1800mAh. I know, it's not the most exciting thing in the world but there is more as well aside from the fact that is clearly not the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha being shown there.

An image of the beta BlackBerry 10 UI came along for the ride which shows off at least one interesting tidbit -- StoryMaker. As I understand it, Story Maker appears to be what RIM made of their JayCut acquisition and will offer a sort of onboard video editing solution for BlackBerry 10 devices much like how the photo editor we demoed previously will work as photo editor for pictures. Based off of that, Focal Point could also be the photo editor as well but the icon is blocked so that's just a wild guess.

The video indicates the battery will be used in the BlackBerry London as well as the BlackBerry Liverpool. In total, we know there will be six new BlackBerry devices rolled out under the following codenames but one appears missing - London, Liverpool, Nevada, Nashville, Naples. The missing one could potentially be Wynton, which is part of the Curve series. You can check below to see a shot of the battery as well as the beta UI.

Friday Fun Photo(shop) - BlackBerry London Box?


Friday Fun Photo - Is this the BlackBerry London??

2012 BlackBerry London

AT&T says "We want RIM to succeed"


AT&T CMO David Christopher

Updated BlackBerry 2012 Roadmap


BlackBerry 2012 Roadmap

Since we first posted our 2012 BBX BlackBerry Preview some new info has come to light that changes things up a bit. For the most part we knew what was coming device-wise but our timeline was a bit off. Now some other devices have come into play and some dates have been shuffled around a bit. We can expect to see some new BlackBerry 7 devices in the Curve line, a new updated BlackBerry PlayBook as well as at least one BlackBerry 10 (oh yeah, RIM changed the name of BBX to BlackBerry 10 too) phone hit before the end of 2012. Keep reading and we'll take a look at what to expect in the coming months.