BlackBerry HS-300

Accessory Review: BlackBerry HS-300 bluetooth headset



Like any dealer does, they provide the addicted the means to use again and again. Hey simmer down; I’m only talking about RIM and their BlackBerry smartphones. What did you think I was talking about?! If you browse through the CrackBerry accessory store, you will see that they also provide the accessories to help you continue to use. Sigh, I mean use your BlackBerry. They have BlackBerry branded cases, holsters, skins, batteries, chargers and handsfree headsets. They also have their music gateway, presenter and, yes, even Bluetooth headsets. That last one was pretty obvious, seeing as how this a BlackBerry HS-300 Bluetooth headset review.

The BlackBerry HS-300 bluetooth headset came out a couple of months ago and is RIM’s latest entry. It could be considered their entry level headset, but you should find it offers much more than other “entry level” headsets. It’s designed to help keep you chatting, legally, behind the wheel with a minimum charge. A mere 15 minutes worth of juice gives you 2 hours worth of jibber jabber. In other words; take charge with less of a charge.